Lasagne at a Pink Hotel

La Veranda @ The Blowfish Hotel

17 Oju Olobun Street. Victoria Island, Lagos

0812 111 1222

NOSA: Blowfish is the pinkest hotel in the history of pink hotels. Like Pink Panther just came through and pooped all over the place. I absolutely love it though. Anyway, this isn't about Blowfish but about the nice little Italian restaurant in the back - La Veranda.

The cook at my house tried making Lasagne the other day. I love homie to death but he came up little short. Not enough hands. 

FOLLY: LMAO, did he really try ? That is NOT lasagne. Pasta casserole ? Maybe. Lasagne ? Negative sir. 

NOSA: You're rude.

Anyway doe, I got the the lasagne at La Veranda. It was so delicious and the cute little bowl thing it came in was adorable. 


Now, this doesn't mean it was perfect. It had way more ground beef than actual pasta. This obviously wasn't a problem for me. It's like crying over getting more meat/chicken than rice in your Sunday post-church fried rice. It might be a problem for you, however, but that just makes you a weirdo.

The ground beef had such a dominating personality in the pasta+sauce relationship. That pasta was pretty much a subservient wife in the marriage. Like, the type of wife that Nigerians men on Twitter seem to laud everyday. "She must pound yam! Must wash my pant!". That type of wife. 

FOLLY: Guys, I can't remember the name of what I ordered but it's what I always get which is any shape of pasta with white sauce and mushrooms and chicken.  I do know it was the no 37 and "tagliatelle (the type of pasta)  something".

NOSA: Way to remember your order, Folly.


That said, my pasta was perfect. I can't think of anyway it could have been made better.  The pasta wasn't chewy and the sauce was neither inadequate nor bland. Just perfect guys.


I could liken it to comfort food. So next time I just want to feel better about life and Lagos, I'm definitely going back to La Veranda and ordering "no 37".  The secret ingredient must have been love, I think my pasta was prepared with love. 


La Veranda has nice looking pizza. Definitely passed the eyeball test, is not cooked in a microwave, AND they deliver! If you ever are curious and try it, let us know how that goes. 


Lasagne - N3,500

No. 37 - N3,500