La Pointe Has A Delightful Coffee Shop

La Pointe Coffee Shop

4A Akin Olugbade Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

0909 997 8777

NOSA: So, we subscribe to this mailing list called Sade's List. It's pretty much a digest of what's popping in Lagos and whatnot. In a recent mailer, the curator talked about how nice the coffee shop in La Pointe was so we decided to check it out. 

Before anything about food, La Pointe is lowkey gunning to be my favorite grocery store in Lagos. Unfortunately, they don't have Corona so Deli's and Rennie's are still up top.  

FOLLY: They have a wine cellar so that's kind of like the same thing. We went down to buy a bottle of wine after breakfast and I was about to leave to take the bottle I'd picked to the till, the attendant in the cellar stopped me that he needs to get me another bottle. His reason was that the one I picked had been upright and wine is better when it's been stored on its side.

NOSA: Are cafes in grocery stores becoming a thing? It took a while for it to catch on after Goodies did theirs, but in the last 3/4 months, Deli's has popped up with theirs and now La Pointe has as well.

FOLLY: Ebaeno had shawarma, chicken and Asun. No aje butter cafe but it's still food.  It's not only foreign supermarkets that can combine food and shopping. Are we still doing #BuyNaijatoGrowtheNaira ?

FOLLY: I had the Tuna Sandwich and Nosa had the Ham & Cheese.

NOSA: I really really liked the Ham Sandwich. It reminds me of those sandwiches you get at Costa in the airport. This sandwich would be so perfect if it was like 1000 or 2000 Naira cheaper, but I can see why it's expensive. Everything in it is probably imported so they have to make that money. I'm sure they could cut off like 1000 naira by ditching the side salad though. Do people really care if their sandwich doesn't come with a side salad?

FOLLY: You also have to pay N260 for a small jar of honey 🙄🙄 (I obvs took the remaining with me).

tuna salad la pointe cafe lagos

FOLLY: I had the tuna sandwich because it was the only sandwich that didn't come with cheese, and not necessarily because I like tuna salad, I don't. The tuna salad in this was okay because it didn't have mustard or capers - two things which particularly dislike.

My favorite things about the salad was the freshly ground black pepper they topped it with - it was so sharp, I really enjoyed it.

NOSA: Oh, they have fresh squeezed juice too. Like, actual oranges used and not Chivita they hid somewhere. It sounds like nothing, but we went to some place that claimed to have cold pressed juice and gave us regular ass juice. So yeah, I'm kinda grateful here.

FOLLY: They also have a neat tea collection too (I had a Citron Green Tea), which they probably are using to sub Art Cafe across the street.

Their desserts display was right at the entrance so I was immediately distracted and had to order the macarons and tiramisu for Nosa and myself before our sandwiches even arrived.


NOSA: The macarons weren't for me. AT. ALL. 

FOLLY: He doesn't know what he's saying. The raspberry filling on the inside was a bit rich but I liked everything else.

It's also value for money because you get two HUGE macarons for N750.


NOSA: Too sweet abeg. The tiramisu-like thing the owner recommended was amazing, however. Imagine tiramisu without all that coffee and a wafer base. Yeah, that's what this was like. 


NOSA: The menu is a bit limited, but it's a coffee shop not your mother's house so it's to be expected. It's also a bit on the pricey side for what you're getting. Despite all of this, I'm a big big fan and I'll definitely come back here. I mean, they have free wifi too. 

FOLLY: It's very cold in the cafe because it's right beside the cold room. I had two scarves and I was still cold, I swear my tea went cold in 2.5 minutes which was a shame. If you plan to visit, be mindful of this.



Ham & Cheese - N3500

Tuna Sandwich - N4000

Tea - N800

Orange Juice - N1400

Gros Macaron (two) - N750

Douceur Tiramisu - N950