A Butcher Shop and a Steakhouse Walk Into a Bar...

La Boucherie

8 Furo Ezimora Street, Lekki, Lagos


NOSA: I can’t remember how I found out about this place. I think it was on the RSVP owner’s instagram or something like that. Anyway, I was having a shit day and Folly decided to take me to dinner. 

The restaurant space is pretty tiny. Had only 4/5 tables in it. Excusable because the place is really a butcher shop anyway. 

NOSA: I got the sirloin while Folly had their burger and that shit took forever to get served. I ordered my steak medium rare and got it well done. Pretty sure, it wasn’t a sirloin either but I’m no meat scientist.

FOLLY: I honestly don't know much about cuts of steak by eyeballing it but there are three I know for sure, rib eye, T-bone and a flank. This is probably the most technical I'll get on this blog when talking about food, but a flank is a very odd looking piece of meat and so it stands out, it's also usually quite flat. A sirloin, on the other hand, should be a thicker cut. Hence, why it's kind of a big deal to mix the two up.

NOSA: The cook/chef dude said it got cold and he wanted to “heat it up”. Told me to “manage” it. Next time I’ll pay half of my bill and tell them to “manage” it since we all want to be silly. Look, don’t make any Lagos restaurant make you think you’re being unreasonable. You’re paying with your money so if that shit doesn’t come out like you want it, make sure they fix it. 

The second steak was more medium than medium rare but at this point, I was done complaining. The mash had this powdery thing to it too.

FOLLY: Anyways enough on that, I got the burger which I thought was absolutely delicious. One of the best I've had in Lagos. When Nosa said BBQ & Cravings was better and cheaper, I just unlooked it as jealousy because they had given him the wrong steak.

NOSA: Abeg abeg. It was ok.

FOLLY: What I really liked about the burger were the grilled onions and the bacon. What I didn't like was that I got 6/7 wedges and they looked burnt (didn't taste burnt though).

NOSA: The looked burnt and soggy for some reason.

FOLLY: The bacon in the burger was thick cut just the way Nosa likes it but he was too upset from the steak thing to acknowledge it. He was pretty much like it's meat abeg. 

NOSA: That bacon looked like beef abeg.


FOLLY: I had really terrible cell service in here and terrible customer service too. 

NOSA: They need better waitstaff and a proper chef because quality of meat is up there.

FOLLY: The waitress didn't like me but I liked her food.


*Because we agree to disagree.


"Sirlon Steak" - N6500

Beef Burger - N3500