#JollofAndOtherThings: Tickets are LIVE!

FOLLY: ICYMI, we're having a Jollof Festival! 

NOSA: Another one...


FOLLY: The first Jollof festival happened last year as a collaboration between Kitchen Butterfly and Eat.Drink.Lagos. It was really amazing and very unlike EatDrinkFestival, so we decided to do it again

NOSA: If you didn't attend last year, here's what you can expect from Jollof. 

Food, Glorious Food

FOLLY: First of all, Jollof is all about Nigerian food and Nigerian fusion food. While, there will loads of different types of Jollof on offer, we also have vendors who will have some crazy creative menus on offer come August 19. 

NOSA: All the menus are on our Instagram page here. Our sponsors will also have some special offers for early birds.

Mystery Box Challenge

FOLLY: We've also partnered with Red Dish Culinary stage to host a mystery box cooking challenge. There will be three rounds and three teams; in each round they will get a box of ten mystery ingredients, a challenge, and 60 minutes to complete it. I'm really looking forward to this. 

Art & History

FOLLY: In the Culture Corner of Jollof, we will be screening a Jollof documentary on loop. All you'll need to do is grab a pair of bluetooth headphones from the headphone stand and you'll be able to dive into the experience. We'll also have culinary books as well as Nigerian art on sale. 

NOSA: There'll be a couple local artists exhibiting their stuff. This is the first time we're permitted non-food vendors, beyond ourselves, at an event. But in line with celebrating Nigerian food, 

After Party

FOLLY: We've partnered with the good folk at Silent Disco to have a mini after party from 6 pm till when the festival ends. You'll need to pay for headphones but there'll be two channels of music to vibe to. 

Get Tickets!

NOSA: We've released tickets HERE and early bird tickets are on sale at N800 each. Tickets will be available on the day for N1000 for POS payments and N1500 for cash payments. 

FOLLY: Just buy your tickets in advance and save yourself the hassle. 

NOSA: Yeah, just buy it online because it's cheaper and cash is so 2016.