Join Us This Weekend For Eat.Drink.Lagos Trivia Night VIII

Trivia Night August 18.png

It’s another month so Eat.Drink.Lagos Trivia Night is back. You guys asked for more details on categories so I’ve decided to give a little hint on each one:

  1. English Premier League - The EPL is back so it’s only right we have a category dedicated to it. Questions about the current season and the clubs involved.

  2. Chemistry - How well do you know your elements? Or your covalent bonds?

  3. Food & Drink - Well, this is a bit obvious. You read this blog already.

  4. Video Games - This is all about the consoles and the hardware behind what we see on our screens.

  5. Nigerian Banks - How well do you know your Nigerian banks? From their logos and slogans to who bought who.

We’ll be at La Taverna (again) for Trivia Night and we’d like you guys to join us. You’ll need a team of 4-6 to participate and you can reserve by clicking the little button below: