Another Jamaican Food Restaurant


Yesufu Abiodun Way, Oniru, Victoria Island, Lagos

0810 079 3434

FOLLY: Why are Jamaican food restaurants 2 for 1 in Lagos now? Jamski, Mango Room and now Jamo Afrique. 

NOSA: There's a fourth one, but I can't remember the name. They tagged us on Instagram one day.

FOLLY: I want to start off by saying I went into this review with all of the bias. First of all, the name is corny as hell. Secondly, I was on their Instagram page when they first opened and the first thing I saw was a picture of the owner and not of the food.

NOSA: Lmao it was a picture of the business Instagram wishing the owner a happy birthday. A lot of Nigerian businesses do this on the instagram and I think it's the funniest thing. We all know you manage the social media accounts, fam. This is like when some Pusha T opened an Instagram for his dog to wish himself a happy birthday. Thugs need love too so I'll let it slide. 

FOLLY: I had also seen an Instagram story of an unhappy customer but still I pressed on. 

NOSA: Just a heads up, there'll be lots of Mango Room comparisons in this post. 

jamoafrique eatdrinklagos-1.jpg

FOLLY: To start we ordered one chicken and one beef patty and split them. They got the crust down-pat but the filling is too much like meat pie. It was also unsual, that they didn't use minced beef for the beef patty. 

NOSA: More like "meat patty", amirite?

Jokes aside, this was basically Mr. Biggs meat pie with the Jamaican-style patty crust, which isn't a bad thing per se.

FOLLY: It isn't a good thing either. 

NOSA: For our mains, I ordered the Jamo Afrique Platter, Oxtail with Rice & Peas, and Fried Dumplings.

The dumplings are basically puff puff sticks. The ones at Mango Room were a lot dough-ier, like the batter didn't fully fry. For readers familiar with Jamaican food, is that how it's supposed to taste? I prefer the Mango Room one but I might be weird.

FOLLY: I preferred the dumplings here because the Mango Room ones felt undercooked to me. If these were served with syrup, I'd have been all over it.

jamoafrique eatdrinklagos-4.jpg

FOLLY: I let Nosa order the mains because my driver called me, and it's never good news if he calls when he's supposed to be driving. Recently, he's been a bearer of bad news - either law enforcement have stopped him (this happened) or the car is in a ditch (this didn't really happen) or the AC has shut off (this happened), but basically shitty things like that always happen to him.

jamoafrique eatdrinklagos-6.jpg

Anwyays, long story short, I turned my back for a few minutes and Nosa had ordered waffles, Honey BBQ ribs & roast chicken. Apparently, the menu said the ribs would be jerk pork and the roast chicken, jerk chicken. 

NOSA:  Oh God, do not order the JamoAfrique platter. Avoid at all costs! The whole thing is a mish mash of WTF. When the waitress was telling me about the contents I wasn't really paying attention so this is partly my fault, but still. I wonder if the owners of  JamoAfrique and Mico's Chicken & Waffles are friends because both of them are trying to make this waffle sandwich thing happen.

jamoafrique eatdrinklagos-5.jpg

FOLLY: I didn't taste the waffle sandwich because my body had zero interest in it. The chicken was incredibly dry and didn't have a single ounce of jerk seasoning nor did the pork ribs.

NOSA: I really don't think made us jerk chicken or pork

FOLLY: The pork ribs were actually honey barbeque and for what it's worth, I liked them. They had very good quality ribs, and so it's a shame that they didn't actually make what the menu stated. 

NOSA: The ribs were actually pretty good. Not the tenderest, but it's one of the better ribs in Lagos. Found love in a hopeless place, eh?

jamoafrique eatdrinklagos-2.jpg

FOLLY: For our second main, we shared the Oxtail Rice & Peas. The sauce on the oxtail was really good but the oxtail itself could have done with another thirty minutes to one hour in the slow cooker cause it wasn't tender enough. 

NOSA: Yeah, it was almost goat meat hard and from my oxtail experience (Mango Room AGAIN), the oxtail should be tender. Like, fall off the bone tender. This one was not it.

jamoafrique eatdrinklagos-3.jpg

FOLLY: The rice worked for me. It was sweet enough but the coconut milk wasn't balanced, as it came through in certain spoonfuls more than in others. It would also have been nice to have a handful more beans in there.  

NOSA:  I was a bit meh on the rice because I've hit a rice wall and I don't think I can do rice anymore. If you, like other Nigerians, still love your rice, you might like this despite the fact it looks like bottom pot jollof.



FOLLY: In my opinion, it's not restaurant quality food. If it were a mall food court place like George's at The Palms and served you ready made food at a cheaper price I wouldn't mind. As it is, it costs too much and isn't very well made.

NOSA: This is definitely the fast food equivalent of Jamaican food. You know there's Taco Bell and there's real Mexican food? JamoAfrique is like the Taco Bell of  Jamaican food.  The food, at its best, is ok and nothing more. 

FOLLY: It also doesn't feel genuine.  

NOSA: Oh, and the chairs aren't exactly built for dining. 



Fried Dumpling - N1000

Oxtail Rice & Peas - N5000

Beef/Chicken Patty - N1200

Jamo Afrique Special - N8000




About 8 spaces in front of their restaurant. I wouldn't advise street parking cause of window smashers.