New Year's Eve At Izanagi

Izanagi Japanese Cuisine

19B Idejo St. Victoria Island, Lagos

0706 222 2222

NOSA: This might be the first NYE in forever where my mother didn't bug me about going for mass. Like she has reached her breaking point or something. Don't give up on me, mummy! 

Anyway, Folly and I spent NYE at Izanagi doing what we do best - eat.

 Bang Bang Mushrooms

Bang Bang Mushrooms

NOSA: Totes loved the Bang Bang Mushrooms we got as our starter. They take mushrooms, marinate them in teriyaki sauce, and deep fry them. You HAVE to get it if you stop by Izanagi. 

FOLLY: This was absolutely my favourite thing we had. It was also a little bit salty and that sealed it for me. I going to buy mushrooms and teriyaki sauce and try to recreate it; I'll report back with my results on Instagram.

  Spider Roll (R), Chef Special Rainbow Maki (Bottom L),  and the  Crazy Shrimp (Top L)

Spider Roll (R), Chef Special Rainbow Maki (Bottom L), and the Crazy Shrimp (Top L)

NOSA: For our first plate, we got the Spider Roll, Chef Special Rainbow Maki, and the Crazy Shrimp. Crazy Shrimp is my go-to roll every time I get sushi. You really can't go wrong with it. It's very low-risk treasury bond sushi. The returns won't blow your mind, but at least there are returns.

FOLLY: I don't know why Nosa is trying to shade the crazy shrimp roll because it was my fave. 

NOSA: No shade. It's just very safe sushi.

The spider roll was cool, but for me, the real star of the show was the rainbow maki. 

  Izanagi Dragon

Izanagi Dragon

NOSA: Was not the biggest fan of the Izanagi Dragon. It was all warm on the inside, which might be your cup of tea but it definitely wasn't mine. Made me appreciate standard maki temperature. It's not something I'd normally notice until tonight. 

  Izanagi Dragon

Izanagi Dragon

FOLLY: I have to agree with Nosa on this one, the Izanagi dragon was the most meh roll we had and I was expecting so much from it.  

Shrimp tempura and avocado.

Actually when I think about it, I like both of those things separately. We should have known they may not pair well.

NOSA: Exactly! You think you can't go wrong, then you taste it...

FOLLY: Shame it photographs really well though. 

NOSA: ...Like an Instagram babe.

 Tobiko on Izanagi Dragon

Tobiko on Izanagi Dragon

NOSA: The bubble things (Ed Note: It's called Tobiko btw) felt like cysts popping in your mouth.

Yeah, gross. 

I wonder if this is how caviar feels in your mouth. Man, I feel like I'm bush before I got a chance to flourish.

 Izanagi Orange Island

Izanagi Orange Island

FOLLY: Basically Izanagi's twist on a traditional long island cocktail. I loved the presentation especially the super tall glass. The drink was well, pretty alcoholic given that there were four, maybe five different types of alcohol in it. I had a buzz from just one.


NOSA: Outside of one terrible Ocean Basket experience, I still haven't had a bad sushi experience in Lagos. I should probably stop talking about it before I jinx it.

Izanagi is pretty decent with the sushi, but I'd place it in 3rd behind Sakura and Fusion. My biggest knock on it is price. We spent almost 20k on dinner and I still felt like going to Chicken Republic for wings right after. Actually, maybe that's just me being a fat ass. 

Oh, I felt like all the waiters kept trying to parody the stereotypical Asian accent. 

FOLLY: I thought it was just me that heard the accent thing at first and then I turned to Nosa and yeah, he had also heard it. Happened a couple of times too, so I'm pretty sure it wasn't in our heads. Hilarity.


Bang Bang Mushrooms - N2,000

Spider Roll - N3,600

Chef Special Rainbow Maki - N1,800

Izanagi Dragon - N3,800

Crazy Shrimp - N1,400

Salmon Skin - N1,200

Izanagi Orange Island - N1,950