New Restaurant Alert?

This restaurant has closed down


13 Kasumu Ekemode St, Victoria Island, Lagos

0903 749 7991

NOSA: For the last 2/3 months, Bar Campione has been undergoing renovations. Turns out it wasn't just a simple renovation. Bar Campione became a completely new restaurant - Insignia. 

Lost In Lagos tagged us in one of the launch pictures on Instagram. Tagging us in food pictures on Instagram is pretty much like our bat signal. 

Me: Folly, did you see that picture we just got tagged in?
Folly: Yeah. Saturday?
Me: Yes.

That's more or less how it goes. 

FOLLY: Lol, yes. 

NOSA: I fully expected this place to be trash though. I don't trust Lost In Lagos recommendations these days. Umutu Coffee is their "Spot of the Month" and that place served us pizza that tasted like a bag of dicks. 

FOLLY: Graphic much ?

We started with the Calamari

NOSA: I wasn't the biggest fan of the calamari. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't great either. Imagine a Beyonce album as food. There are one or two jams you'll love, but as a whole, it's a largely forgettable body of work (We can fight in the comments, Beyhive, I'm ready).

NOSA: For my main, I got the Truffle Mac n' Cheese...

FOLLY: ...and I got the Lasagne Al Forno.

NOSA: I thought the Truffle Mac n' Cheese was absolutely excellent. Like, I wasn't expecting it at all. What the hell is a truffle anyway?

FOLLY: Truffle is a type of mushroom. It was sooooo good. 

NOSA: Almost like the Chef heard me making fun of the interior and wanted to show me. This is probably one of the better things I've eaten in the last 2 months. Seriously, go to Insignia and try this. If you hate it, I'll buy you a drink if we ever run into each other. 

FOLLY: My lasagne was a good effort. There was an after taste which I didn't like; I couldn't quite place my finger on what it was so it put me off the whole thing. At the same time, I kept thinking about the amazing one Nosa got at La Verandah a while ago.

NOSA: The lasagne wasn't bad tbh. You're right, it's not as good as Verandah's, but it's still pretty quality.

FOLLY: I also quite liked the plating. Most places will serve theirs in a small ramekin but this was different. 

NOSA: For dessert...

LOL...what goddamn dessert. Do you see those prices?

FOLLY: I asked, it wasn't a whole cake. 


NOSA: I really thought this was going to be trash, but this was surprisingly good. Way better than I expected. The calamari was a bit of a dud and the dessert prices were scary, but the mains were great.

FOLLY: My cousin also came along for the trip and she got a chicken burger which she gave a thumbs up. Our waitress is also pretty sweet and attentive, so that's another positive for Insignia. 

NOSA: Oh, Insignia could make a cute date cause they have a little nook area with seating for two.



Calamari - N3000

Truffle Mac n' Cheese - N3500

Lasagne Al Forno - N3500