Insignia, Still Good, But Not As Good

This restaurant has closed down


13 Kasumu Ekemode St, Victoria Island, Lagos

0903 749 7991

NOSA: This review was originally supposed to be for Chef Nylah's new spot in Yaba. What we found wasn't exactly what we were expecting so we had to change plans.

FOLLY: Nosa mentioned a couple days ago that he wanted to go to Insignia, I don't know why though cause we'd reviewed it a while ago, but we were driving around VI and decided to come here.

NOSA: Something in my spirit told me we needed to review Insignia again. A bit like how Nigerian mothers see something in their dream and tell you not to go out on a particular day. Not talking from personal experience or anything.

FOLLY: Btw, did y'all know the RSVP pool has been closed for a while now?

Choosing a starter was so hard because they didn't have anything that we wanted. 

NOSA: ...and so we settled on the Chicken Wings, a terrible idea in retrospect. I mean, who goes to an Italian place and orders wings? We should've gone with the bruschetta. 

eatdrinklagos insignia restaurant-1.jpg

FOLLY: The chicken wings really upset me. There are very very few things more pedestrian than ordering chicken wings in a restaurant and getting stew in obe ata. It's so upsetting. 

NOSA: I'm not going to be that harsh because this is partly our fault.

FOLLY: But we did try to order some Italian sounding things initially. Thankfully, the chicken wasn't hard and I was able to overlook the stew. 

NOSA: We also got the Prawns Parmesan to start. 

eatdrinklagos insignia restaurant-2.jpg

FOLLY: The prawns were decent and the white sauce that came with it was great. The downside is that it's quite pricey at N4000 for three prawns. 

NOSA: Lagos has this big body of water beside it so I really don't understand why seafood is so expensive here. A restaurant owner might have to explain this one to me one day. 

FOLLY: We didn't experience the same difficulty choosing a main however, because they had just what we wanted. I went with the Penne Pesto and Nosa wanted to check if the Truffle Mac n' Cheese he had here last year was still just as good. 

eatdrinklagos insignia restaurant-4.jpg

FOLLY: On first glance, my pesto was very light green so I was wondering why they had diluted it in cream or something equally sinister (milk) that my digestive system cannot handle. 

FOLLY: I mean, they were definitely heavy on the cheese but this tasted really good. I don't know how to explain this but it tastes "more pesto" than it looks. What I'm trying to say is that although it looks watered down, it actually didn't taste watered down. It could have done with a little bit more pine nuts, however. 

NOSA: I preferred Folly's penne pesto to my Mac n' Cheese for some reason. Ok, not "some" reason, i know exactly why. Last time we were here, the mac n' cheese didn't have the "meat" option so greedily that's what I went with.  A decision I came to regret. 

eatdrinklagos insignia restaurant-3.jpg

FOLLY: Nosa's pasta was better the first time around when he didn't choose the meat option. 

NOSA: It evoked none of the same feelings this time around. Still decent, but not quite as good, which was a tad disappointing.

eatdrinklagos insignia restaurant-5.jpg

The meat absolutely ruined it for me. Beyond the upper crust, there was no sign of cheese in the entire thing.


NOSA: Perhaps the chef just got lazy because this was more baked macaroni than mac n' cheese.

Oh, and it needed salt too.


FOLLY: Really good pasta mains again but less than stellar appetizers. 

NOSA: Insignia might have slipped a little. It's still a good restaurant for the most part, but as far as Italian goes, it is nowhere close to Verandah. The gap between the two might be wider now.

FOLLY: I didn't think about ordering a cocktail or something other than water to drink. I wish I did though, it'll have been interesting to see how they are in that area since we didn't get a chance to check those out the last time we were here



Penne Pesto - N4000

Prawns Parmesan - N4000

Truffle Mac and Cheese (Meat) - N4500

Spicy Chicken Wings - N2500





Parking is available inside and also on the street.