Three Is Not A Crowd

Indigo Bar & Restaurant

242B Muri Okunola Street. Victoria Island, Lagos. 


NOSA: Folly's cousin is back in ends so we invited her out to lunch. Private Lunch Club

Indigo is bit dingy on the outside and they have this one security man that's super aggressive. Homeboy charged towards me like I was an intruder. Had to ask Oga if I could park in his spot. What Indigo lacks on the outside, it totally makes up for on the inside. The menu is one of coolest ones I've seen. Up there with Ping Pong and Petit Paris.

Sidenote: I miss Ping Pong sooo much. I feel like Amanda Seyfried in Dear John.

Indigo Menu

Look at the thing, it's looks like the sword Jon Snow killed the White Walker with. (If I just spoiled GoT for you, I'm sorry).

FOLLY: Because of where we were seated, another thing we noticed was that we could see the chef behind this glass window. 

NOSA: Indigo is relatively cheap compared to most Indian places in Lagos. The most expensive thing on it is like N4500. You probably feel like you've cheated the game, but awks for you. It's cheap for good reason, the portions are significantly smaller than other Indian spots in Lagos. Indigo gives you solo-sized portions, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's just not what you expect with Indian food. 

We decided to have a little feast this fine afternoon. Ordered the Butter Chicken and Rogan Gosht, with Basmati Rice, Butter and Cheese Naan on the side.

NOSA: The cheese naan wasn't my favorite. Indigo deviated from the script by using cheddar cheese in theirs and that's like a big no-no for me. It tasted like a struggle quesadilla. Easily unseats Viceroy as the worst cheese naan I've had in Lagos. 

FOLLY: Cheese naan was not the wave. The butter naan, however, was alright. 

Butter Chicken

NOSA: I really liked their butter chicken. Have no clue what it's supposed to taste like, but this one tasted like a less spicy Tikka Masala and that's fine with me.

FOLLY: Precisely, butter chicken is Tikka Masala without all the spice and that's why it's my favorite. 


NOSA: The rogan gosht didn't wow me too much. The lamb was super tender and that's about it. 

FOLLY: I think this might be the last time I'd go for Indian and order a lamb curry. This, and the one at Spice didn't wow me. I think I'll be sticking to grilled meats like shish kabobs from now on.

Have any of you had a different experience? Are we ordering the wrong lamb dishes ?

NOSA: Probably.

Folly's cousin got a Sizzling Brownie for dessert and it actually, like, sizzled


FOLLY: Can't lie we were all pretty impressed when the brownie came out and it was actually sizzling. 

This was because we've ordered a sizzling brownie before at a couple other places, and they came out cold.

NOSA: *slowly cranes neck at Bistro 7*

FOLLY: If we complain now, I bet some Anon would come and ask us if we can make "common cake first, not to talk of brownie".



NOSA: Indigo didn't particularly wow me with the food, but I'd put them a notch over Viceroy because Indigo has better parking.  The interior is great and all, but am I eating the chairs or the food? 

FOLLY: If we're establishing a relationship between dinginess of the space and food quality, the Indian restaurant at the back of Sherlaton is very dingy and their food is pretty good. 


Butter Chicken - N1860

Rogan Gosht - N1860

Basmati Rice - N750

Butter Naan - N320

Cheese Naan - N950