HSE Gourmet For Breakfast

HSE Cafe

Plot 2 Emma Abimbola Cole Street, Lekki 1, Lagos.

0703 031 88290809 086 5298

FOLLY: When HSE opened we were told that they'd also be serving a breakfast menu. Many months later we finally decided to check it out. 

NOSA: Isn't it nice that on International Women's Day, we're reviewing a restaurant owned by a woman?

FOLLY: Yes, it is nice!

NOSA: I digress.

FOLLY: We were expecting more than two options on the breakfast menu so I'm just going to assume that they recently reduced their offerings or something because I was quite disappointed. 

NOSA: Yeah, I was a bit bummed out by how limited it was. I think I made it up in my head, but I really thought they had an expansive breakfast menu.

FOLLY: Choice is nice but in the absence of options, we simply ordered the two dishes and shared them between ourselves. 

SAM_4912 copy.JPG

NOSA: The breakfast menu:

  1. Steak & Eggs

  2. Pumpkin Spice French Toast

SAM_4918 copy.JPG

NOSA: The French Toast would probably look better if Folly wasn't lactose intolerant. She made them put all the good stuff on the side.

FOLLY: Rude.

I had no idea you could make french toast out of croissants, but look at science. A little googling suggests its not just possible, but it is actually a thing. These were very interesting. I was a bit apprehensive, but it was pretty delicious.  

I'll try it again without Folly to get the full experience uno.

FOLLY: Rude, again.

I also was extremely apprehensive. In fact, I actually don't like French Toast because it's always a disgusting soggy mess overtime I've had it. These tasted like slightly moistened cinnamon croissants and not at all eggy. 

SAM_4914 copy.JPG

NOSA: The Steak & Eggs were my favorite of the two. The steak didn't blow me away, but that's never really the point of steak & eggs. It's like a mimosa, nobody is making a mimosa with Dom or LP. I don't know why most Nigerian restaurants don't have Steak & Eggs on the menu because the steak they serve is the cheap shit anyway, which is perfect for steak & eggs.

FOLLY: The eggs were great: They were beaten with enough air to ensure that they'd be fluffy and also weren't over cooked. The steak was decent, not the best quality bit and a tad over cooked. However, as Nosa mentioned, with steak and eggs (at the price point) I wasn't expecting HSE to use a premium cut. 

NOSA: Long story short, it's delicious.



FOLLY: One of the better (if not best) breakfast/brunch spots in Lekki. 

NOSA: Is there any other Lekki spot that's close? This is easily the best restaurant in Lekki by miles.

I hope she expands the breakfast menu a bit, however. Maybe two more options and it's perfect.



Berryrita - N2500

Steak & Eggs - N6000

Lemonade Iced Tea - N1500

Pumpkin Spice French Toast - N3200