Work Lunches: Healthy Options by Ted

This service has closed down

Our "Work Lunches" series focuses on your non-traditional food establishments, the ones without brick and mortar locations. For nomenclature purposes, we'll call them Online Restaurants

Healthy Options by Ted

0704 633 4529

NOSA: We meet again, Ted. It's been a while, no?

Anyway, I was going to do one of Ted's salads until I stumbled on this on Instagram


like swimwear

NOSA: I got the Very Bertox Smoothie with my chicken wrap.

FOLLY: Same here


NOSA: I'll be honest, I wasn't the biggest fan of the smoothie. I thought it desperately needed ice. Fruits aren't my favorite thing in the world so the ice is really crucial to me. Makes it seem like a healthy margarita in my head. This one was more juice than smoothie. It wasn't thick enough...


...and it was pretty warm.

FOLLY: Me neither. While my smoothie wasn't like juice - thankfully, it was pretty bitter. I couldn't drink up to half of it.  Perhaps the fruit wasn't ripe or something, it just wasn't the one. 

NOSA: On the other hand, I loved the chicken wrap. The chicken in it was absolutely delicious - spicy and ting.  Wish it wasn't so light in the middle though. The wrap was real skinny, like Bops shawarma circa 2013. Healthy portion, perhaps.

FOLLY: I agree with Nosa on the wrap it was really yummy but skinny. I had it for breakfast at about 11 and I was ready for lunch an hour later. So then maybe it's good as a breakfast portion but as a lunch item it'll definitely need a side, maybe Ted's sweet potato fries. 



NOSA: Ted's will always be my fave, but that smoothie no too tap. Also, the delivery guy made me pay for delivery for some reason. I wasn't thinking straight so I paid. Smh. 


Spicy Chicken + Smoothie Combo - N1900

Delivery Charge - N150 (free within Victoria Island)