Hans & René After Dark x Eat.Drink.Lagos

NOSA: In case you missed it last night, this happened:

So yeah, it's lit. 

We're still thinking up what our special flavor will be. Vodka doesn't freeze so anything with Vodka will have to be a float. 

But what about a White Cuban gelato?

FOLLY: Or something proper sinful infused with Kahlua and chocolate, and then drizzled with more chocolate and Kahlua ? 

NOSA: Anyway, if you have any ideas for what our special flavor for Hans & René should be, let us know. Oh, and come by* too, it should be fun.

FOLLY: I can already imagine all the comments on Nosa's fingers on the post on this. Not to worry, I'll make sure I get the sexiest hand pictures for y'all #GelatoAfterDark 

* Hans & Rene is located in Radisson Blu Hotel on Ozumba Mbadiwe Road in VI. It's not inside in the hotel building but in the compound/parking lot.