Grills In N' Out Couldn't Keep It Up

Grills In & Out

7A, Admiralty Road. Lekki, Lagos.

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FOLLY: If I'm being completely honest, I don't know why we came back here. Our last visit was decent and the pictures weren't scraps so it doesn't fit the bill for the revisit. Anyways, we were in the area and hungry and so we decided to check it out.

NOSA: The other day, someone on our Twitter subbed Grills In & Out. Apparently they'd turned to shit and I couldn't believe it. The idea was genius. How could anyone fuck that up. Anyway, we had to check it out for ourselves.

FOLLY: Aha now that explains why we were here. I must have missed that on Twitter.

I hate the smell of the downstairs area so we headed upstairs to the self-grill room. It seems like they've quit that god-awful waffle + stir fry menu option.


NOSA: Our original self-grill was out of commission.

FOLLY: i.e. where we were originally seated. 

NOSA: The waiter was aware but didn't tell us. He just walked to another table and started setting up. His idea was that he'd grill our stuff and bring it to us, which kinda defeats the point. Anyway, we got the Solo Flight which is a combo with chicken, rib and beef cutlets. 

FOLLY: In addition to the Solo Flight, we also got the catfish suya with a side of boli from the regular menu. They had to sub the beef with pork because they had run out. 

NOSA: The suya catfish was very bland and all the seasoning was on the skin. This could have been so good but oh well.


FOLLY: I really appreciated the way they sliced the catfish. Navigating the entire fish has always been an issue for me with whole grilled fish so this was nice to see. Sadly, the seasoning on the catfish left a lot to be desired. On one hand, it wasn't really suya spice that coated the skin of the fish and secondly it wasn't nearly enough. I suspect that when they meant catfish suya, they were referring to a similar cooking style to suya i.e. outdoor grilling over charcoal and if that's the case, they should have called it grilled catfish. 


NOSA: The boli was great though, can't take that away from them. The self-grill stuff was a bit scant. They probably got the cuts from starving animals or something. Look at it, mate.


FOLLY: If the waiter had allowed us to cook our food ourselves I would have laid the meats down first and only after some time, added the chicken. This is because the ribs and the pork need a longer time to cook than the chicken does. 

NOSA: The waiter was a bit of a shambles, to be honest. We ordered two margaritas. Now, the margaritas are listed as frozen on the menu not "on the rocks". Their margarita machine wasn't working or something silly, but instead of dude telling us, he made our margaritas on the rocks. If there's anything I hate when I go to a restaurant it's when waiters make decisions without consulting you.

FOLLY: We eventually went with two frozen chapmans with one shot of rum each for good measure. 

The last time we were here, they did a better job of marinating the meats before giving them to us to cook. These were salted and maybe sprinkled with Maggi and pepper which is a bit basic. The wedges were soggy but honestly, I didn't mind.



FOLLY: I think Grills In N' Out has fallen off majorly and that's disappointing. I always thought the concept was novel to Nigeria and would be well appreciated but I guess I was wrong. 

NOSA: It's unfortunate how much this place has fallen off. I can't believe it. The food is edible but if you wanted just edible food, you'd go somewhere cheaper.

No flies in here, though. Shouts to them.



Rum Shot - N800

Solo Flight - N5000

Frozen Chapman - N1000

Catfish Suya and Boli - N2500



There's no parking lot, but the street parking is just fine. 

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