The Grill Shack

This restaurant has closed down

The Grill Shack at 82

82 Adetokunbo Ademola Street. Victoria Island, Lagos

FOLLY: Hey Kenneth, so we FINALLY checked out the Grill Shack. Took us a while right ? But "better late than never" they say. I don't really believe that but this isn't the forum so let's stick to discussing food. 

NOSA: The place used to be club. Tribeca and/or Maddox, I think. Came here for one of those J Parties things some years ago. It's a shame how clubs never really last in Lagos. One day, Folly and I will write a paper on how to blow as a Lagos club. Anyway, this place is now a weird car dealership meets abandoned building that’s somehow a restaurant.

It gives off that vibe of those uncompleted buildings where vagrants go hang out. I really think whoever owns the space should turn it into a versatile space like Social Place. Or maybe not...word on the street is that the versatile space business no too tap. 

 mixed grill

mixed grill

FOLLY: I'm struggling to find the right word to describe the space. It's pool side with a bar on side with covered lounge seating on the other, and a glass room adjacent beside the toilets/changing rooms. Odd huh?


Shame we didn't get any better pictures of it, you'd really just have to go and see it for yourself. Oh, Grill Shack has a lot in common with Colorado - make of that what you will. Super liberal, I respect it. 

NOSA: Abeg, I'm going to say it. Political correctness be damned. We got in there and the place smelt like weed. Walked in and some of the workers on the grounds were lounging and hitting that blunt. Look, I have no problem with marijuana but this was bit weird. For the first 10 or so minutes, I was pretty convinced there was no way we were at the right place.

FOLLY: On the service, I thought it was nice that the waiter talked us through the menu when he brought them . He also very quickly let us know what wasn’t available before we made a decision so he won’t have to disappoint us after the fact. The waiter did forget about us later on but I'll forgive that.  

NOSA: The drinks were really cheap too. 1000-1500 range. Unfortunately, we couldn’t sample it because the “fridge key was missing”.

FOLLY: I went with the Mixed Grill Platter (chicken, turkey, and pork ribs) with a side of the Thai fried rice and Nosa had the Seafood mix with Sweet Potato Fries. 

 MIxed grill

MIxed grill

The menu is barbeque and is very streamlined so colour me surprised when our food arrived and looked a lot like stir fry.

Kenneth knew I didn't like spicy food like that so he was kind enough to warn us that the pepper sauce was real fiery so I asked for my mixed grill 'American-style'. I wouldn't quite call what I received American style, as obviously it looked like a stir-fry, but I enjoyed it all the same. 

NOSA: The seafood mix is just a seafood stir fry - calamari, shrimp, and a whole bunch of veggies. I liked it, but stir-fry not grill. 

FOLLY: The ribs weren't that tender, and I definitely prefer those at BBQ Cravings as those literally fell of the bone. The Thai fried rice was sadly, also a bit lackluster. 

NOSA: Yeah, the ribs weren't as tender as the ones at BBQ cravings. Not even close. They also could have done with a bit more smothering in their barbecue sauce. They just grilled the thing and dumped their stir fry thing on it. 

FOLLY: Oh boy, everything my food lacked in spiciness, the chef more than made up for with Nosa's seafood mix. I actually thought he was sniffing cause he had a cold that day, but it was more the pepper than his sinuses. 

 Seafood mix

Seafood mix

NOSA: The real interesting thing was the sweet potato fries. I really really liked the fries. They weren’t your typical sweet potato fries. These were seasoned Cajun style, like the ones at Five Guys.

FOLLY: Five Guys cajun fries are one of my favourite things, and the sweet potato fried reminded of them, although these were way spicier


NOSA: This place really fascinates me. It’s not BBQ per se, but it’s also not like a Mongolian grill. I feel like I have to label it because I'm human and I don't understand things without labels. It doesn’t really fall under any typical food umbrella, but it also has a really strong Nigerian flair. They were very generous with their pepper. For that alone, I think we should call this a Nigerian Grill. Like, point & kill and the rest.


Mixed Grill - N3000

Seafood Mix - N2650