Work Lunches: Green Grill House

Our "Work Lunches" series focuses on your non-traditional food establishments, the ones without brick and mortar locations. For nomenclature purposes, we'll call them Online Restaurants

Update - GGH stumbled on a pile of money and they now have a brick and mortar store in Lekki One. Yay for growth.

Green Grill House

15 Wole Ariyo, Lekki Phase One.

0803 473 5887. 0818 968 5298.

NOSA: Late last year, I went on this 2/3 week binge where I had one of those Healthy Options by Ted salads for lunch everyday. At one point, the guy started calling me in the morning before I even thought of lunch. We had such a beautiful relationship. Then, I went on vacation and couldn’t stand the smell of the wrappers the salads came in when I got back. 

I miss you, Ted. Come back to me. 

I got salad for lunch this week. Felt like I was cheating. Like, you know when you’ve broken up with someone but you feel gross hooking up with other people? 

NOSA: Folly said we should get salads from that Green Grill House place. I ordered mine off HelloFood. I got the Chicken & Bacon one while Folly got the Chicken & Ham one

Apparently, the prices have gone up a bit. Understandable, I guess. The dollar has gone up and DStv just increased prices so I guess it’s fair they raise their prices too. WHAT ISN’T UNDERSTANDABLE, HOWEVER, IS SURPRISING ME WITH THE BILL. 


Sure, it was just N100 but at no point did anyone call me and go, “hey brah, prices on the site are different now”. No one at all. Told them about it on twitter too…

…said they’d fix it…

… and guess what? THEY DIDN’T!

Oh, and I asked for Italian dressing too. Did I get it? Nope.

FOLLY: Well that's because Thousand Island, which I must say is the most pedestrian dressing choice evarrrr, is the only complimentary dressing.


I ordered on the phone and I tried to get Raspberry Vinaigrette and then I was told it will be N100 a pop. I was already down 2200 with the salad and delivery so I just decided to manage the Thousand Island, cause I'm a Nigerian and that's what Nigerians do. 


NOSA: The salad itself wasn’t bad. The chicken was a little too dry for me but I liked the fact they were pretty generous with their chicken serving. 

FOLLY: I agree on the chicken. The serving was generous, but it was definitely dry, and lacking any and all seasoning. Bland like a limp weave. They weren't as heavy handed with the ham as they were with the chicken, but thankfully I didn't have to go searching to find the ham in my salad. 

NOSA: Loved the raisins in it too. They just jump and surprise you with the sweetness from no where. One of my aunts puts raisins in her salads and she’s my awesome aunt so GGH gets props for that. 

What they don’t get props for is this bone I found in my chicken.

…and the fact their bacon bits weren’t really bacon bits but regular bacon sliced in tiny pieces. Zero crunch. Bacon “bits” fraudulent like Iggy Azalea’s raps. 

FOLLY: Could have been worse, imagine if you got Canadian bacon which is essentially ham. 

Meanwhile, speaking of things that aren't really what they claim to be, Nosa recently told me that my entire existence is a lie because the cafeteria sushi I used to eat in College was made with imitation crab and not actual crab. 

*Cries in a bed of Aramark deceit*


NOSA: Would I order again? Probably. 

Actually, scratch that. I’m not ordering anything until they update their website and the HelloFood listing. This is a one-man petty protest.

FOLLY: And they reduce the delivery charge. Delivery in Ikoyi is free and then Ikoyi-VI is 500. I really was like well, that escalated quickly. I definitely liked the salad but it's not very affordable and sustainable. My office gives us free lunch so there is rice at home, well in this case it's the office, but the sentiment still stands. 


Chicken & Bacon Salad - N1700

Chicken & Ham Salad - N1700

Delivery Charge - N500