Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos XIX

Subject: Birthday dinner

Message: Hi guys!
Happened to stumble on your website. Looking to give my “boboribo” a birthday dinner surprise just for 2 for sept 26th! Was planning on CORAL BLUE ( that was actually how i came by u guys) till i read your remarks on them and my heart scatterd to a million pieces.
Can u help with a recommendation of a good sea food place, that has a little “something,something” for birthday dinner. BTW am on a budget ( childrens school fees has happened)lol!

Muchas gracias!
— M.I

FOLLY: I'm so glad you read our review cause your "boboribo" would have had to lie to you all through out the evening. Here's what you should do though, go to Ocean Basket and order the solemate platter and tell him he's your soulmate. It's super duper cheesy but effective. Also, Ocean Basket has the best sea food I've had in Lagos. For dessert, you must try their Sticky Toffee Pudding! If you both do one cocktail each your bill can't be more than N15k.

NOSA: Whatever you do, just avoid Coral Blue. Abort mission. Even if it means you have to go in the Lagoon and catch your own fish. 

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