Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos LXIX

NOSA: Realized we have a bunch of pictures from our picnic and we never posted.

FOLLY: I didn't take as many pictures as I usually do, as I was manning the desk but these are the few that I did get. 

Subject: Good Burgers?

Message: Hey,

I want to take my younger siblings out before school starts, they don’t have a very diverse palate and just want a good old burger! Any recommendations? asides bbq and cravings and please not crust and cream. I want somewhere nice where we can chill and eat good food.

Thanks in advance!
— Anon Anon

NOSA: Johnny Rockets

FOLLY: Johnny Rockets is your best bet since you're eliminating the two places you mentions. 

Subject: Suggestions please

Message: Hi guys,
Great stuff you got going. My best friend wants to eat out for her birthday, we are like 6 in total, could be lunch/dinner, just a place with good food on the island, her budget is 30k. Thanks
— AO

NOSA: Casper & Gambini's

FOLLY: Lunch, Craft Gourmet. Dinner, Crust & Cream

Subject: 21st birthday

Message: Hi guys. Please I’m really searching for somewhere affordable where I could celebrate my 21st birthday; beautiful ambience, classy, MUSIC and a good menu, drinks as well. 10-15 people.
— N.O.

NOSA: We answered something similar on the blog 2 weeks ago

- Rhapsody

- Hard Rock

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