Fusion Sushi Revisited


1C   Mbadiwe Street. Victoria island, Lagos.

01 261 1888

NOSA: The last time we were at Fusion, our pictures were terrible and the prices were cheaper.

FOLLY: I actually thought the pictures in that post accidentally got deleted so I told Nosa we needed to go back. 

NOSA: We started off with the Chicken Gyoza

FOLLY: Technically, I started off with a  Star Radler (not pictured).

NOSA:  I think this is the first time I've had the gyoza here.

FOLLY: I can categorically tell you that you've had it before. You won't remember if you didn't buy it; I bought it so obvs I remember.

NOSA: It's a bit different from the ones I've had at Sakura and Izanagi. I liked it, but it had a certain chicken spring roll feel to it. I can't explain why. 

FOLLY: I liked the gyoza. I didn't really notice a difference between the gyoza here or at Sakura except the temperature as this one was a bit cold and I don't like cold food.

NOSA: Before we get into the sushi part of this post, I have a question that's been bugging me for the longest time. What's the difference between the green and the red soy sauce?

FOLLY: Isn't it supposed to be low sodium and regular sodium?

NOSA: I always thought it was the sodium content, but as you can see, it's the same thing. So what on earth is the difference? 

FOLLY: Or maybe they wanted us to have one each? You know some people don't share well. 

NOSA: The structural integrity on the Crazy Naked was real dodgy. When I say "structural integrity", I mean the propensity of a maki roll to not absolutely fall apart as soon as you try to pick it up with some chopsticks. 

FOLLY: The Crazy Naked roll is always Nosa’s idea. At this point, I’m convinced the engineer in him gets it to test the chef’s ability to build a structurally sound roll.  . 

NOSA: I thought the Volcano was the best of the lot just like last time. The salmon skin was a real close second. Sleeper pick.

FOLLY: Same here! The Volcano was the most expensive of the lot - tasted it too. I think it had three different kinds of fish in it - salmon, tuna and crab. Nosa was so kind as to let me have two, so I let him have two of the salmon skin in return. Oh, the salmon in the salmon hoso roll was deliciously raw and spicy. 

NOSA: The California Sesame was sooooooooo boring. I mean, California Rolls are typically pedestrian but this one was bland as heck.

FOLLY: This was my least favourite of the lot too. There was technically nothing wrong with it, it was a sound maki roll. It just had a lot of rice to fill it up because it’s so cheap. 


NOSA: The last time we were at Fusion, the prices were cheaper and the sushi was better. The Crazy Naked is up N400 while the Volcano is up N650. The sushi here has also fallen off a bit. Not close to Izanagi and about on par with Sakura.

FOLLY: Ehhh, I don't think the sushi (especially the volcano) has fallen off. Honestly, I feel It  might have even improved. Sakura is still just expensive for no reason. 


Chicken Gyoza - N2700

Spicy Salmon Hoso - N1400

California Sesame - N1600

Volcano - N2550

Crazy Naked - N1500