Fusion Sushi: Pricey But Just Okay


For a real sushi lover, the selections in Lagos are a nightmare. We are all settling for bang-average sushi and just because Izanagi, Fusion and the others misbehave with their pricing, we think we're getting quality. The truth is that your palate is now used to cheap sushi. Life.

Anyway, not everyday tight-fist and ranting about prices, some days spend money.

Before I go on about the sushi, I think it’s a little wild how Lagoon got away with blending a churrascaria and a sushi bar in one place. Imagine eating sushi on the same table as someone getting unlimited meat. How. Does. That. Even. Work?

Moving on…

In an attempt to keep to budget and live life at the same time, I ordered the Fuji sushi platter which came with the Crazy Crispy, Crispy Spicy Shrimp, Salmon Maki, Crab Maki, Salmon Sushi, Shrimp Sushi and Avocado Sushi - 18 pieces in total.

Why a platter?

It costs a little more to order these individually.

Also, pardon my guilty conscience but don’t judge me for eating 18 pieces of sushi because if we were to open up all the sushi into a plate, it probably wouldn’t be as much a standard serving of rice. 18 isn’t so much.

Fuji Sushi Platter

When the platter arrived, I realized I had made a mistake. I had ordered a mix that lacked sophistication and imagination. Basically, the sushi in the platter seemed like what a learner would order. It's me, I am the learner.… but I chowed everything regardless.

In the platter, the most memorable were the Crispy Spicy Shrimp (maki), Crazy Crispy (maki), Salmon Sushi (nigiri) and Avocado Sushi (nigiri).

The closest to sophisticated were the Crazy Crispy and Crazy Spicy Shrimp which had the shrimp strips on top the roll. As Nosa would say, both held their ‘structural integrity’ and seemed to be the tastiest rolls.

The salmon nigiri was so fresh that if it had arrived a few minutes earlier, I’d have had a conversation with the salmon. Loved it.

Crazy Crispy

The avocado sushi was the most peculiar of the day because it was just a piece of avocado and rice. Avocado is cool but I never imagined ‘avocado sushi’ would come with just avocado and rice. Also, does avocado count as... nigiri?

Millennials might need to weigh in here.

Anyway, I sprinkled a little salt on the avocado (because salt and avocado bangs), dipped the sushi in soy sauce and it didn’t taste as basic as I expected it to, which was good.

Overall, sure, my selection of sushi was a bit meh but the spread still tasted a level higher than Sushiholic, but many levels less than Izanagi.

My recommendation is that if you have a sizeable budget you should go to Izanagi; and if your pocket ain’t it, Sushiholic suffices.


FOLARIN: Really need to get my money up so I can fly out for sushi like some do for ice cream tbh. 




 Fuji Sushi Platter - N13950



Lagoon is a compound with like 100 restaurants. Parking full ground.