Freshly Disappointing

Freshly Ground

17B Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos

0802 208 8021

FOLLY: So a couple weeks ago, Nosa randomly got a call from a restaurant owner that we should come check out his new spot. Obviously, Nosa's number or mine is not publicly displayed on the blog and I'm always very hesitant to give it out for blog related things so things like this don't happen. 

NOSA: Email is always the way to go. Eventually, we won't be able to do this anonymity thing but until then, email is great.

FOLLY: I was irritated on his behalf when he told me about the phone call, so all I wanted to do was boycott the restaurant by NOT checking it out. Nosa, somehow, convinced me to come check it out. 

NOSA: Freshly Ground has such an interesting "compound". They're tucked at the back of what looks like an abandoned building with landscape work more or less an after thought.  Simply put, it's not the best location for a restaurant. The food and marketing will have to be exceptional to overcome that. 

FOLLY: There's a block of flats in the front and the restaurant is the boys' quarters at the back. Once you approach, it doesn't look like a boys' quarters anymore though. There's a cute outdoor seating area and inside has booths. 

freshly ground cafe ikoyi

FOLLY: As you can see, Freshly Ground is a Cafe, Bistro, Bar and Grill aka a mouthful. I have to give the waitress props though, as she was persistent in her attempt to up sell me.

NOSA: Best waitress in Lagos, by far.

FOLLY: Nosa and I are doing a Whole 30, so several food and drink items are off the table including dairy, alcohol, and fries. Our waitress offered me a coffee, a coffee cocktail, a milkshake and an "alcoholic cocktail for ladies" before she finally accepted that all I actually wanted was water. She also didn't understand why I didn't want chips with the chicken wings. 

NOSA: Because normal people don't go on stupid diets that don't let you eat chips. 

FOLLY: We're not normal people then. I ordered the Spicy Chicken Wings to start. Chicken Wings they were, spicy they weren't. I kuku didn't mind the lack of spiciness because I'm pepper intolerant anyway.

NOSA: The wings weren't tough and I was proper grateful for that. Idk why, but wings in Lagos are always close to goat meat on the toughness scale. I'm convinced they're a special breed not meant for human consumption. Like, the chickens might be crossfit chickens or something. 


FOLLY: Something tasted off about this chicken and the chicken we later got as a main but it may have been a spice I didn't like. Also, those pointy wing tips scare me. I don't know how to explain it but when I see a pointy wing tip, it sends shivers down my spine.

NOSA: Pointy wings are like a universal "you're going to stain your white eating" sign in wings.

FOLLY: I'm all over those cute wingette/drumette chicken wings though - like those that Heels in the Kitchen makes. 


FOLLY: For our mains, we wasted money on Lamb Chops with Roasted Potatoes and Vegetables and Spicy Roasted Chicken with Parsley Potatoes and Vegetables. My favorite thing on my plate turned out to be the vegetables - oh how I loved grilled carrots.  


NOSA: Like Folly said earlier, the chicken tasted really off for some reason.

FOLLY: I don't know what I was expecting with the parsley potatoes, but defs a bit more effort than boiled potatoes with parsley sprinkled on it. However, a quick google search reveals that's this is actually how it's done so this one is definitely my L.


NOSA: As for the lamb chops...stewwwwwwww. 

Bants aside, the lamb chops were goat meat tough. If you follow us on snapchat (SC: eatdrinklagos), you probably saw a little video of me trying to slice a piece off. This might be the worst "lamb" chops I've ever had in my life. 

FOLLY: I don't think this was a lamb chop. Lamb has a distinctive taste and is usually soft. Ram also has a distinctive taste and is also usually incredibly tough. What we were served reminded me of ram. 

NOSA: Sallah chops?


FOLLY: The chicken, unlike the lamb, was soft but it tasted off so I just used the stew to eat my potatoes.

NOSA: Yeah, the chicken was defs the better of the two.  I didn't like the roast potatoes though. Could've done with a little more minutes in the oven. They were barely "done". Unless al dente is a thing with potatoes as well and I'm ignorant.


FOLLY: It wasn't because I was irritated that the owner called Nosa that I don't rate this place. The food isn't really that great and I paid N4000 for sallah meat, so my grandmother is definitely rolling in her grave.

NOSA: The service is great. Absolutely fantastic service, but the food wasn't particularly good. It's serviceable, which isn't altogether a bad thing if your establishment isn't about the food like a Pat's or Long Bar. That's not the case here, unfortunately. 

FOLLY: Long Bar chicken wings bang every time though. 



Lamb Chops  - N4000

Spicy Roasted Chicken -  N3300

Chicken Wings - N1500