Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos LVIII

Subject: Chow Mein Lekki Phase One

Message: Hey Guys! I’ve recently just tried out Chow Mein in Lekki Phase one and I might be a bit delusional but it was an awful experience. I’d really like to think I’m being a hard ass with all the love and hype surrounding the place. I’ll spare the details but hopefully they don’t cook your fried rice with short grain stallion or caprice :/. I think you should check it out. Might be worth while.
— TI

NOSA: There's hype around Chow Mein? I always though that one in Lekki was just an abandoned building.


FOLLY: It's near my house but I've never stopped, I probably wouldn't now.

Subject: Breakfast Buffets

Message: Please endeavor to make a breakfast section for morning meals in Hotels like Southern sun, Intercontinental, etc.
— LA

NOSA: We don't have a section per se, but if you search "hotel brunches" in the search bar, you'll find all the hotels we've checked out. You can also check the hotel tag.

Subject: French toast

Message: The offerings in lagos seems to have come a long way, leaps and bounds in fact, however I am unable to find a place that serves French toast
— EK

NOSA: La Brioche has a pretty quality one, I think. A friend tried it and she really liked it.

FOLLY: Sadly, french toast is one of those menu items I avoid so I wouldn't know. Maybe, Bistro 7?

Name: Fifi N

Subject: Birthday Dinner

Message: Hi guys,

My friend is planning a birthday dinner on the 16th of July for his wife and we’d love you to suggest nice venues. Basically, he wants somewhere with a private room where guests can dance and have fun after dinner. The ideal size of space would be Spice Route’s private room but he’s not keen on their food. Please help.
— Fifi N

NOSA: Pattaya has a private room as well. If you don't mind Thai, that's a good option.

FOLLY: Any of the major hotel chains should be able to sort you out of this. I'd suggest any of the Protea, Four Points and Southern Sun as a start.

Subject: Quick advice

Message: Pls where do I go to on the island on Wednesday for some drinks and chill with friends. Somewhere with a good crowd and maybe some good background music
— VO

NOSA: Rhapsody's is usually popping on weekdays. Might be worth a shot.