Hotel Brunches: Four Points by Sheraton

Four Points by Sheraton

Plot 9/10 Block 2, Oniru Estate, Victoria Island, Lagos.

01 448 9444

NOSA: I'll start this by saying I hate Four Points off GP. Hate their security. Hate their no-outlet lobby. Hate Oniru. Hate their waiters too. Hate everything. 

FOLLY: I'm more forgiving than Nosa so I have a love-hate relationship with Four Points. Their security is the goddamn worst though, and the receptionist in the spa is rude af.

NOSA: Now that we've gotten that out the way, we checked out the Four Points brunch last Sunday.

NOSA: Pepper soup is a major brunch buffet key. ALWAYS start with pepper soup to prepare yourself for the inevitable face stuffing that's about to happen. The goat meat pepper soup at Four Points was a solid 6, so not bad at all. Too bad their waiters are terrible and you literally have to beg them to serve you the complimentary Martini Rose you're supposed to get with your meal.

FOLLY: Lowkey nearly died the last time I had pepper soup so I'm going off it for a while. Update the records as I'm now both pepper and lactose intolerant.

NOSA: Anyway, your next move should be the salad. I got a medley of almost everything at the salad section. On the whole, the salads are a bit flat, but the prosciutto was great though.

FOLLY: I decided to go Greek, well with my salad.

I think one of my biggest regrets from my University days is not actually going Greek. Nope, there is no way I would have coped as a Delta or AKA so I would have rushed one of the 'white' ones. I really think I'd have made a perfect TriDelt or AChiO or even a KKG but defs couldn't have been a Theta. Segue aside, I quite enjoyed the Greek salad.

NOSA: wyd, mate?

FOLLY: The hummus was also pretty good but sadly, the bread rivaled Cabin biscuit in hardness. 

NOSA: The pita bread was very stale. VERY.

Greek Salad.jpg

FOLLY: Honourable mention to the samosa and spring roll in the starters area. I didn't get a picture but Four Points has all the hands. The spring roll was actually crunchy unlike some people *coughChinaTowncough*.

pasta bar four points.jpg

NOSA: My favorite thing, by far, was the the pasta bar and the chef manning the joint. Real nice guy.

FOLLY: He was also funny because I asked him not to put pepper in my pasta and he said "ah why, are you not Yoruba?".  I was wearing Iro and Buba but is Yoruba stamped on my forehead?

NOSA: I got me  farfalle + Cream + tomato sauce + seafood mix + pepper + bacon + ham. A little greedy with the extras, you see. The mix was excellent if I do say so. Well, I kinda made it so it had to be excellent. 

FOLLY: While I got myself a meat medley. The ground beef + bacon + ham + mushrooms (I think). My mix was also excellent, probably more excellent than Nosa's was.

pasta bar.jpg

The chef poured all the rodo (pepper) that I didn't allow him to put in mine in Nosa's pasta so his pasta was spicier than mine. Mine had loads of garlic and parsley - authentic stuffs.   


FOLLY: I went to get dessert for both of us only to return with that loaded plate and for Nosa to say he's full. As in how do you get full from pepper soup + salad + pasta? He's clearly not a buffet champion.

NOSA: The dessert looked like shit tbh.

FOLLY: As with most buffet places, the dessert was a bit disappointing. I wish they put the apple crumble in a warm dish cause cold apple crumble is no bueno. The tiramisu was really good. Don't take my word for it though, Nosa is the real tiramisu champion in this duo. 


NOSA: The buffet wasn't bad, but I'm back to boycotting Four Points. I still hate the place. 

FOLLY: If they start giving more than one glass of champagne with the buffet, Four Points could be my new wave. Especially since unlike Southern Sun, at Four Points you're not going to run into your uncle, your boss, and your ex's family. 



Lunch Buffet - N7500