Like Churrasco, But Better

This restaurant has closed down

Foreshore Harbours

Osborne Estate Phase II, Ikoyi, Lagos

NOSA: We visited this place off a Twitter suggestion from a while ago.

FOLLY: Although we didn't try that particular platter cause I remember thinking it'll be too small for two. I don't know why Nosa is hating on Foreshore Harbour with the title and comparing it to Churrasco because it's WAY better. 

NOSA: I'm not really hating, it just reminds me of everything I wish Churrasco was. I really love the space (Not the interior though, that one is just weird). It’s not the biggest but there’s something about it that’s just so incredibly chill. Maybe it’s the proximity to the water. Actually, it probably IS. If you live in Osborne Estate and you’re not down here every Friday evening, you have to be insane

FOLLY: I ordered the Seafood Platter for us to share. In restrospect, now that I'm writing about it I realize that the Casillero Cab Sav wasn't the right wine to pair with this seafood platter, however I really like this wine so *shrug*.

NOSA: Smh you're so pretentious.

FOLLY: Nosa had many reservation about this platter but I enjoyed everything but the salmon/baguette thing and the fish cake. The fish cake was nondescript and the salmon thing tasted fridg-y.

NOSA: The bread on the Smoked Salmon Crostini was a bit stale, but it had salmon so I excused that.

FOLLY: The calamari and the prawns on the other hand were delicious. I particularly love how thin and light the batter was, heavy coatings overwhelm what's on the inside imo. 

NOSA: Eh, I disagree. The Calamari and Jumbo Shrimp were both fried in tempura batter and I was NOT a fan. The thing tasted like prawn crackers. Ugg.

FOLLY: We went for round two because #hungry. Round Two = Yam Chips + Plantain & Chicken Bites.

Nosa loves yams so I think the yam chips were his spec but for me,  the plantain was bae, it sparkled in the sun. It was goldenbrown on the outside and soft and yellow on the inside. 

NOSA: The plantain fingers were ridged like the yam chips. I thought that was pretty neat. As for how it tasted, you can’t go wrong with yam and plantain.

FOLLY: I think one of the sauces was fried stew, which = best dipping sauce for the plantain.

NOSA: Your Yoruba is showing. 

FOLLY: Lowkey, I can't remember much about the chicken but I think it was nice. They also give you decent helping for 800, because for 1k plus, Winehouse will give you way less asun. It pains me every time.

NOSA: When they say "handful" of Asun at Winehouse, they really mean that shit.


FOLLY: I love it when people recommend good places to us. I really, really liked the Foreshore Harbour and I can't wait to drag Nosa back. This time we'll try their other platter

NOSA: I wasn’t a fan of the Seafood Platter, but our second order made up for it and I really love the space at Foreshore Harbor so we’re cool.



Seafood Platter - N6000

Yam Chips & Plantain - N800

Chicken Bites - N800


NOSA: So I went back and got the other platter 

and it was pretty pretty good. Just wanted to share because you guys are my best friends and stuff