Folly's Favorite Cocktails


FOLLY: Bottomless drinks are basically a buffet of drinks. And given how much Nigerians love buffets, this should naturally be a thing on it's own. Speaking of cocktails, I can't say that I'm very adventurous. I literally have four drinks I always order, and one that is my fall back when I want something non alcoholic. 


Moscow Mule

MOscow mule.jpeg

The first time I ordered this it was because I wanted the copper mug that it's usually served in. Ginger beer used to be my ish when I was younger, so the light ginger-y flavor you get won me over and it became more than just my interest in the funky cup.




Strawberry, please. Most margs are usually more syrup than tequila or anything else but I'm not complaining. If you served me a proper strong margarita shaken and with a salt rim, I definitely would give it back to you in exchange for the syrup- blended concoction. 


Pina Colada

This is my fall back drink when I don't want something alcoholic. In Lagos, Casa Lydia/Foundry make a really nice once - at least they used to but I haven't been in a while and things change FAST in this city.  




This is probably my favorite drink to be honest. I order it every time I get a chance. I hate the leaves that usually get in the way, but I love the sweetness and the fact that it involves rum - my absolute favorite liquor. 



Very similar to a mojito but I can't pronounce the name - SMH. I think the difference is that this has a more pronounced lime flavor.


Now, YOUR turn. What are some of your favorite cocktails.

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