Flowershop Cafe Rose to the Occasion


A Lagos restaurant that is both Instagrammable and the food is good. Sign us TF up!

NOSA: The interior is so gorgeous and the space smells so so good. I walked in and the first thing that came to my head was “money is good o!”. I’m not even kidding, the place is so tastefully done.

If you’re in the VI area, it’s a wonderful space to work out of and there’s complimentary wifi too. It is capped at an hour, which is fairly decent. If I still worked in VI, this would’ve been my spot because it’s on the route to my old office.

FOLLY: Starting with the summary because that’s what you’re here for:

We had brunch at the Flowershop Cafe and we loved it.

We went with two friends so that we could order more food than we usually would and go family-style with everything. 

Here’s what we had:

  • The Breakfast Burrito

  • Flowershop Cafe Sunny Side Up

  • Belgian Waffle

  • Brie Omelette

  • Ina Kwana Breakfast Pot

  • Scrambler

NOSA: Flowershop has a very simple all day breakfast menu. You can check it out the menu here. Apparently, there’s a lunch menu coming soon too.

FOLLY: I had the Caffe Latte and it came in a mug shaped like a flower pot on an engraved wooden tray that took up too much space on the table, not like I minded because it made for gorgeous pictures and space constraints had more to do with the quantity of food we ordered - LOL. 

L-R Belgian Waffle, The Scrambler, Brie Omelette, Flower Shop Sunny Side Up

L-R Belgian Waffle, The Scrambler, Brie Omelette, Flower Shop Sunny Side Up

FOLLY: Again, in summary, everything we had at the Café was excellent. That rarely ever happens in Lagos so we were blown away. Another thing that happened that really impressed us that everything that was served on each plate was eatable and enjoyable. 

Let me explain…

Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast Burrito

Many times restaurants put gratuitous side salads on a plate so it doesn’t look empty but very little thought clearly went into it because it doesn’t complement the main dish. Specifically, the items in the Scrambler or the Brie Omelette were not designed to be eaten in isolation, you had better layer up the elements to make an open face sandwich of sorts and flourish

NOSA: The only knock I have on Flowershop is the Breakfast Burrito. Now, it wasn’t bad per se, but it was built like it was crafted by someone with no knowledge of how burritos work. Everybody knows you don’t leave the ends open because all the good stuff spills out.

Rookie mistake.

Beyond that, the burrito was thoroughly enjoyable. Speaking of breakfast burritos, there’s super rare in Lagos for some reason. There’s a a whole slew of Mexican-inspired breakfast goodness that we’re really missing out on.

FOLLY: It’s really hard to say which item was my absolute favourite because I liked different things about each plate individually and when also combined. However, if I had to pick, my favourite items were definitely the Ina Kwana and the Brie Omelette

Ina Kwana Breakfast Pot

Ina Kwana Breakfast Pot

FOLLY: The Ina Kwana Pot was so well made and the only thing that could have made it better was a little bit of heat as the menu promised “spicy”. Also, it’s not stated on the menu but this has crayfish in it as one would expect from “Nigerian local beans” so be mindful in case you have allergies.

NOSA: It’s like a Nigerian Shakshuka.

Ok, maybe it’s not. But it’s something sha and delicious is one of those things. After the burrito, this was my next favorite thing.


FOLLY: My eggs didn’t come how I’d ordered them for the Sunny Side Up so that’s why this it ranks slightly lower on my ranking. The brioche was definitely delicious and is what I enjoyed the most about this plate. Generally speaking, the bread here is really good.

NOSA: Everything else was just so good that the eggs were pretty forgettable. And I thought the eggs were pretty great in the moment too. That potato hash was very very delicious.

FOLLY: The Belgian Waffle as dessert made me very happy. I like the salted caramel apple sauce cause it was a really thick caramel sauce with a few apples. You can probably tell I don’t like apples that much except in apple crumble. My belly my rules. 


NOSA: There hasn’t been a breakfast place this popping since Craft Gourmet opened.

FOLLY: 110% recommend (food, price point, ambience, and service).I hope I don’t regret saying this because Lagos and ruining things go like Lagos and traffic. 




Scrambler - N4800

Brie Omelette - N4500

Belgian Waffle - N3800

The Breakfast Burrito - N4200

Ina Kwana Breakfast Pot - N3800

Flowershop Cafe Sunny Side Up - N5800



There’s decent parking but you might have to block someone if their busy.