Stressful Rocks

The Grill House @ Farm City

Beside the Pavillion. Admiralty Way. Lekki, Lagos.


FOLLY: There's lowkey rocks and then there's stressful rocks, Grill House was stressful rocks. Looking for a place to eat so the blog doesn't lie fallow, while not wasting fuel proved incredibly difficult this past weekend. 

NOSA: Looking for something to eat in Lekki is such a stressful thing. It's not for the lack of numbers because Lekki has that in abundance, everything is just so boring. 

FOLLY: Just like Ikoyi and to a reasonable degree Surulere, all boring stuff. I want to discover Yaba because Yabacon Valley, does any one have any suggestions for spots to check out in Yaba ? Please tell me. 

Anyways, truth be told, we'd both had food from Grill House on separate occasions as takeout so coming here for the blog wasn't an entirely new adventure. 

NOSA: Whenever I come to Farm City, I almost always get the Chicken Pinky. We need to review their shawarma one day. I had it one time and it was prettay prettay good, but that's not why we're here though.

FOLLY: The Chicken Pinky used to be N1000 till I went here one day and they told me "madam dollar has gone up". 


So what exactly is this Chicken Pinky ?

The Chicken Pinky is a simple dish of chicken and sauteed potatoes, something I can most certainly make at home but I'll still spend money on. It's perfect for when I'm on my way home and hungry, don't feel like having a shawarma, and I'm absolutely positive I don't want the rice at home. 

NOSA: Pound-for-pound, the Chicken Pinky is pretty much the best thing ever. The potatoes are perfect and homeboy that grills the chicken sabi the work. Jokes aside, this thing is really good. You can't go wrong with it. 

Because Folly got the usual, I had to be a little adventurous with my order. I got the Classic Fish & Chips. 


As you can clearly see, there's nothing classic about it. The fish wasn't bad If I'm being completely honest, but this wasn't what I was expecting. I expected something like this...

FOLLY: I was surprised that this place had a full bar, was really just expecting a fridge with Orijin and Star. Nosa had a Long Island and I went with a Tropical Smoothie. It's an unusual choice but you'll be fine.  


Have you every noticed the fresh food produce store on Admiralty called Farm Fresh near the outdoor gym ? The smoothies are made by them and also sold in "the joint" out back. 

NOSA: I had no idea Farm City had a lounge at the back. Always thought it was just the fresh produce store and the breddahs on the grill. The owner probably realized Lekki is a den of iniquity and quickly installed the waterfront sitting area.


FOLLY: If I worked in Lekki, this could be my daily ritual. 

NOSA: Hellofood or City Chops need to hook them up with deliveries.  Farm City's real strong point is the price. You're not burning through your wallet for a pretty quality meal.


Chicken Pinky - N1500

Classic Fish & Chips - N2000

Smoothie - N1000