Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos XXI

Subject: friday banterr

Message: Heyy , my friend and I want to go out and get a drink but nothing too strong cause we’re underaged lmfao so where’s the best place to get like virgin mojitoes and stuff thanks
— O.N

NOSA: I feel weird. This is like when underage kids used to ask me to buy them beer in college. As for your question, I'm probably the worst person to ask because I'm not all too familiar or a fan of this virgin cocktail thing. There's one Folly really likes at La Provence.

FOLLY: It's called the Smart Naija.

Subject: Breakfast place!

Message: Hi there,

Love The site. Great idea.
Myself And a few friends are looking for a great breakfast place. Been to bistro 7 And cactus. And crust And Cream just doesnt Work for me.

Any thoughts or ideas?

Will appreciate a Quick response cause we’re planing this tomorrow.
— F.O

NOSA: You should try Mansilla. I seen a couple of complaints but I, personally, really liked it.

FOLLY: Or if you're on the mainland, you can check out Orchid Bistro.  

Subject: Eat.Drink.Lagos

Message: Hello,
I’m really fascinated by what you guys have got going here, well done!! At the very least I can say I have a reliable blog that recommends the best meals to have in Lagos and by the way you guys are always right.
But what I really want to understand is how you guys manage to find out about new places to eat very quickly? Is it by adventure or you have connects that inform you about these places?
— S.O

NOSA: A combination of Instagram, reader suggestions, and driving around Lagos. 

Subject: Recommendations

Message: Hi guys! I’m planning an engagement dinner for my friends, and I need recommendations for a nice, modestly priced place that can hold about 50 people. Help!
— I.J

FOLLY: To get a space that can hold about 50 people, you might have to rent out the restaurant which in Lagos is sadly never moderately priced.

I'd say you check out Uptown Restaurant (cause it has a gorgeous view), La Provence, Mansilla & Crust & Cream

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