EDL Weekender: Let's Talk About Anglo-Irish Relations

FOLLY: That title is more political than the actual contents of this post but we had to catch your attention somehow. Allow me to be Captain Obvious but it's because Jameson is an Irish whiskey and Shepherd's Pie is beloved by the British. 

EAT: Shepherd's Pie at The Orchid Bistro

orchid bistro ikeja

FOLLY: This shepherd's pie is listed under the comfort food section of their menu, and I promise you this thing can mend a bruised heart.

NOSA: A bit of an aside, they have a BLT that's pretty damn good. Just an aside. 

FOLLY: They also seem to have imbibed the good old American tradition  of adding cheese to everything. It's a very thin layer on the top of the Shepherds Pie and you can peel it right off like I did. 

DRINK: Jameson, Ginger, and Lime at La Taverna

NOSA: I was never a Jameson guy for the longest time. Until one day, I stumbled into La Taverna and Chef Cristian made me a Jameson Ginger. 

Nothing was the same.


FOLLY: At N1000 a pop, there's no reason why you shouldn't drink 3 of these, unless you're driving then drink none please. I repeat, drink NONE.