EDL Weekender: XXL Cocktails and Perfect Pancakes

FOLLY: If our readers are anything like us, weekends are for exploring, and so we created the EDL Weekender. The idea is that every Friday when your group of friends wants to go out for drinks, you'll have a new spot to hit up on account of this post - if you're into that sort of thing. 

NOSA: I hear thinking about the weekend usually helps Friday move faster.

FOLLY: We'll also feature one food spot cause apparently that's important too.

If this goes well, the blog schedule will become new reviews on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos on Tuesdays and then EDL Weekender on Fridays

NOSA: Our favorite Instagram posts should go up on Sundays but real life has made me so lazy. I'll fix that at some point. 


EAT: Perfect Pancakes @ Craft Gourmet by Lou Baker

NOSA: We usually get asked about pancakes in Lagos and I can never give a reliable answer. RSVP has decent ones, but they're only served on Sundays. Olivia's Cafe serves them every day but they're just good enough. Fret no more, though, Craft Gourmet is here and they have really good pancakes. They're currently our favorite spot and maybe we can get them to do Lunch Club one of these days.



FOLLY: Breakfast is only available until 12 pm so you definitely want to get here early.



NOSA: The owner might be nice enough to make you breakfast after 12, but it'll take a bit longer.  Oh, they aren't open on Sundays so Saturday morning is your only shot.

FOLLY: Tell them we sent you. 


DRINK: Larger Than Life Cocktails @ Arabesque

FOLLY: For those humongous cocktails that are about the size of a new born's head, you want to hit up Arabesque. 

NOSA: This is definitely the spot you want to check out for evening drinks. 



FOLLY: If you go in the evening you definitely want to sit outside as they have a little magical garden, seriously it's like Aladdin and Barbie had a love child. 

NOSA: The outdoor area is absolutely beautiful.