Eko Hotel Has A Pretty Sweet Rooftop Bar

Sky Lounge @ Eko Hotel

1415 Adetokunbo Ademola St. Victoria Island, Lagos

01 277 2700

NOSA: A while ago, some guy emailed us about a location to propose. That very rooftop I recommended has been turned into a pretty sweet rooftop bar. 

FOLLY: I love the space now but liked it when it was a secret. 

NOSA: It's a bit less romantic. For the vibe, think RSVP Poolside without a pool and on a roof. The menu is also completely different from the main Sky Restaurant menu, which is good because Sky is scraps. The menu is pretty much finger food and cocktails.


FOLLY: Cocktails which cost a lot of money and so we constructed our own. We asked for the shots, ice, the mixer and the lemon/lime. 

NOSA: We got the sharing platter, which is probably the best looking platter I've seen in Lagos. 

FOLLY: We actually spent some time trying to do math to see if we were getting a good deal by getting a platter instead of individual pieces. We were, so we went for it. 


NOSA: It comes in a slightly larger version of the dim sum boxes.

FOLLY: Which I thought would be perfect as a storage unit for my for make-up or any other nik-naks. 


NOSA: The shrimp tempura was favorite of the lot. I thought it was so delicious.

FOLLY: The batter on this was dope. It also wasn't too oily and so didn't weigh the shrimp down. 

NOSA: The spring roll wasn't bad either. It wasn't your small chops spring roll so shout out to that.


FOLLY: The spring roll tasted really nice with the mayo dip and the other one that was not the soy sauce - lol. 

NOSA: The beef skewer was a bit cold. Arguably the worst thing in the platter too. Just look at it as a necessary evil.

FOLLY: It was the first thing I tried from the platter so I know for sure it came cold and it wasn't because it had been sitting out while I ate something else. 


NOSA: The chicken lollipops were my next favorite thing. I think I ate pretty much all of it. Left only one for Folly.

FOLLY: This dude ate the last chicken lollipop talmabout he thought it was his. Thank God the chicken bones were there to prove how many he had and how many I had. Even though I sadly only had one, the chicken lollipop was definitely my favorite. 

NOSA: The dumpling was in there with a shout. Got points taken off for the lack of structural integrity.


FOLLY: Zero structural integrity on this. Both my dumplings broke when I was trying to dip them into the soy sauce. Nosa says it's because I was greedy though

NOSA: Compared to the scam at Maison across the street, I didn't feel cheated at all.

FOLLY: It was definitely a good amount of food for two people, it also might satisfy a group of three. 


NOSAWorth it overall. Perfect spot for a chill evening. 

FOLLY: I loved the vibe and the food. I'm already looking for an excuse to come back.

NOSAOne thing though, the drinks are expensive so get a shot of Jameson and Sprite. It'll save you like 2k 



The Large Platter - N15500



It's Eko Hotel, there's a lot of parking