Happy Hour is better with friends...

FOLLY: and welcome to our shiny new site. Here, have a glass of half off wine from Eko Hotel happy hour and let us show you around. 


FOLLY: We've not changed the site a whole lot; the blog posts look a wee bit different and we made the header section cleaner, but the real game changer is our new side bar. That's Nosa's baby right there, so if you don't like it chances are he'll block your IP address. 

NOSA: Not a threat or anything.

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 10.36.02 AM.png

FOLLY: Overall we wanted to make it easier for you to get around - a neater Eat.Drink.Lagos experience.


FOLLY: There's a search bar at the top of the side bar so you can quickly search for a restaurant or a post. That said, The Spots, an alphabetical index of every place we've reviewed on the site, is still there in the header. 

NOSA: I didn't like the fact our initial design didn't have an easily accessible search bar. So it was top priority for the redesign.

FOLLY: You will also find social feeds and special offers in the side bar.


We have an Uber code which you should use btw. 


NOSA: If you've never used Uber, this is your chance to join in. Download the app and sign up with the code, EATDRINKLAGOS, and you get N3000 off your first 2 Uber rides.


FOLLY: Meanwhile, how's the wine? A bit struggle you might find because it's the nameless house wine. We went to the Calabash Bar at Eko Hotel for happy hour on the recommendation of a "friend of the blog" we met at the first Lunch Club.


NOSA: They really ring a bell to start and stop Happy Hour. I thought it was the best thing. Oh also, check out our Lagos Happy Hour guide for daily drink specials at various spots in Lagos.

FOLLY: I even invited a couple of our friends (Rey & Denzel) to join us as happy hour is better with friends: Rey flaked but Denzel came ready. 


NOSA: It's a lot easier to subscribe to blog now. There's a nifty little thing on the sidebar to drop your email address in.


FOLLY: Denzel is such a polite young man, he called our pregnant waiter "aunty" the whole time.


Anyways, we got there ready to drink our weight in alcohol but aunty promptly imformed us that the rules have changed; happy hour specials are only on beer, soft drinks and house red wine.   

NOSA: A bit disappointing but half price Guinness will never ever be a bad idea.


NOSA: Our Instagram feed also makes an appearance on the sidebar.

And that's about it. Play around the site a bit and let us know what you think.


FOLLY: Oh, the strawberry basil mojito was delicious.