EDL Weekender: World Chocolate Day, Toasties, and Brunch

Weekend is here and I couldn't be happier because I really don't know how I do my regular Lagos-ing without shooting anyone. From traffic to bank branches, everything is set up to frustrate you.


Anyway, here's the move for the weekend: 


Spotify version of the playlist HERE



World Chocolate Day at Krispy Kreme

For World Chocolate Day, Krispy Kreme is serving a chocolate version of their original glazed donut. For every dozen of Chocolate Glazed Doughnuts bought on the day (this Saturday), they'll giving you a free half dozen of Boston Kreme doughnuts

The New Toasties Location

You already know things like this excite us. We've seen toasties go from delivery-only to a small sit down location in Ikoyi to a proper location. It's always good to see good people win so cheers to Eka and her crew. 

Brunch Everywhere

It's like everyone picked this weekend to get their boozy brunch popping for real. Lagosians definitely deserve this type of happiness. 


Le Brunch at The Harvest



The Breakfast Club at South



Noble Hill Wine Tasting at Four Points