EDL Weekender: Unlimited Dim Sum, the Alára Sweetheart Garden and a Shea Moisture Party

I hear your president is in town this weekend and is blocking up the place. If it’s not super urgent, don’t leave your bubble on Saturday or you’ll get stuck in traffic and end up hating yourself.


Ooh new playlist this week. A mix of some old and the new. It sounds like a rainy Friday afternoon or at least what I think a rainy Friday afternoon sounds like.



Unlimited Dim Sum at Shiro

For N12,500, you can get unlimited dim sum at Shiro this weekend (and most of next week). Shiro has a very EXTENSIVE dim sum menu so if you love dim sum like I do, you better get in there. We’ve checked out the dim sum menu in the past and we loved it. Check out what we ordered and how much we spent versus this deal. Yeah, it’s a yuuuuge steal.

ALÁRA Sweetheart Garden

Hang out at the ALÁRA sweetheart garden this Sunday, 10th of February, and try a couple of their sweet treats including some special takes on ice cream flavours to ”…inspire the African romantic in you.”

That last part wasn’t me but I had to include it lol.

Screenshot 2019-02-08 at 9.20.20 AM.png


Shea Moisture Beach Party

For disclosure purposes, one of my really good friends works at Shea Moisture and got me free tickets to this. But I told the women in my office about it and they made a huge deal about Shea Moisture so I must be lucky. I wonder if they’ll have some beard growth products because my beard has been patchy for way too long and I’m quarter to old.


That’s all from me this week. Have a good weekend!

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