EDL Weekender: Slow Weekend Edition

Last weekend was super boring so the Weekender took a break. This weekend is still super boring, but we’re back. Oh, EDL Trivia Is back next week.



Got too busy to update the playlist last week, but here’s your update


Heels in the Kitchen Deliveries

After our experience with the ribs at Circa Prive, we're recommending ribs from Imoteda. Yes, she's a friend of the house but the food is also bloody good. And why get scammed in Lagos when you can order for the low low from her. The service perfect for parties and lowkey for meal prep.

Order from Heels In The Kitchen


First Fridays Danfo

Lagos expo.png
#FirstFriday is for all Lagosians yearning for alternative experiences! Because the only thing better than bar hopping on the #FirstFriday of the month, is doing it on a party danfo with good people! The party starts at El Padrino, continues to A happy hour, then a game night, and finally dancing the night away! N2k fee covers your transportation to all these locations, so join us as we navigate you throughout Victoria Island on a new edition of First Friday!


Ever partied at a laundromat? #SaturdayWashParty is for you, Ace Wash n Dry will not only be spinning your laundry but the best of music as well as grubs by @bigbellykitchn

Come vibe and wash with cool people, play games and get your laundry done at a fantastic rate! Don’t miss out on the jiggiest wash party yet!! Free drinks on arrival!
— Big Belly Kitchn

That’s all from me this week. Have a good weekend!