EDL Weekender: We're Finally Getting a REAL Burrito Bowl

EAT: Burrito Bowl at BBQ & Cravings

FOLLY: 'Twas a burrito bowl that launched the #SugarcaneSaga. As usual, BBQ & Cravings steady trying new things and experimenting have come through to sort out our cravings. 

NOSA: People that are serious about this thing will always do the work.

FOLLY: It's launching this Saturday, April 8, 2 pm at their restaurant in Lekki. 

NOSA: In there like swimwear.


EAT: Fiesta Souk

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NOSA: Fiesta is back with their second mid year festival this weekend. It's a lot earlier this year, if memory serves me right. Anyway, it should be fun if you're looking for something family friendly to do this weekend.


LAGOS: Afrikulture

EMEKA*: Afrikultur’s main objective is to give burgeoning creatives the chance to carve out their own niche market within the art enthusiast community in Lagos.

There are currently 15 creatives signed on, each one showcasing multiple works from their various collections. These artists define a new aesthetic for African Art, through visual stimulation and mixed media.

This event is targeted towards all age groups, and people with a general understanding/appreciation of Art Culture. Because of this, Afrikultur is providing an optimal networking opportunity to everyone involved.

Our intention is to provide our guests with an experience, and artists with a way to push their works. To do this, we plan on entertaining everyone with drinks, light music and conversation; while enjoying the artworks creatively displayed around the space.

Each paying guest gets a complimentary cocktail included in their ticket.