EDL Weekender: A New Playlist and Desserts From Maison Kayser

My laptop issues have been sorted so I’m back on Weekender duty.


This week’s playlist is all Usher. Saw a tweet this week about how trifling “You Make Me Wanna” is and I went on a Usher binge. This playlist is basically what my version of an Usher Greatest Hits album looks like.



Kamikaze Cauliflower @ Talindo

Very weird recommendation, yes. Just trust me. Talindo recently did a revamp of the menu and added a couple new things and this appetiser was one of them. On first sight, you probably wouldn’t order this, but again, just trust me. It’s #good.


Desserts at Maison Kayser

I, personally, wasn’t very wow-ed by the food at Maison Kayser like Folly. The desserts, minus that godawful sugar crepe, were very very good. The gelato also. Their single scoop is larger than the one at Hans & Rene and for the penny pinchers in the house, these things matter.



Flaming Lamborghini at Circa

The Flaming Lamborghini had ingredients you’d typically associate with hot chocolate and espressos, so be warned lactose-intolerant-folks. Khalúa, for starters, is a coffee flavoured liqueur from Mexico that contains rum, sugar, vanilla bean and Arabica coffee. Also, Baileys is usually the liqueur of choice when coffee is involved. Sambuca too. Samubuca is another interesting drink from Italy flavoured with essential oils obtained from star anise, elderflower and liquorice. You can totally supplement this with sugar and add directly into your coffee to make a caffè corretto.

Despite the picture, the Flaming Lamborghini is a blissful drink. We probably need to give props to the curator of the drink menu because it was a thoughtful addition. This is the drink you give your mum after promising her a wild-night-out, asper hardcore Baileys on fire.
— Christina

That’s all from me this week. Have a good weekend!

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