EDL Weekender: There's a Vegetarian Festival This Weekend

EAT: 3 Amigos @ Bottles

Bottles Tacos.JPG

FOLLY: Don't literally go out and eat three friends at Bottles, we're referring to the taco trio at Bottles which is my absolute favorite thing on the menu. 

NOSA: Their wings are nice, the margaritas better, but the taco trio is the best thing. 

...if you like Tacos


EAT ^ 2: Lagos Veg Fest

NOSA: Nothing to drink this week. Drink water. 

FOLLY: We understand that the majority of the readers of this blog aren't vegetarian, but for those few and far between emails we received about vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Lagos, this one is for you. 

NOSA: I won't lie, I'm a bit intrigued by this.


LAGOS*: Lagos is a Playground

Lagos is A Playground.png

EMEKA: So this is what they're saying about this event, "Damn Daniel! Back at it again this Saturday! Mad fun! Mad games! Mad vibes! MAD TING!"  It's all about coming out to play, listening to the sweet sounds of Dj Aye, and straight relaxing.  We also hear they'll have a skating rink!