EDL Weekender: IWD, Elections, and a Burrito Bowl

Happy International Women’s Day! Tech Cabal has this pretty sweet exhibition of women in Lagos tech and you should checkout out because Folly is in there too.

TechCabal is pleased to bring to you a story of audacity depicted in a portrait series and exhibition event. The Tech Women Lagos series profiles 50 women in Lagos' technology ecosystem from different backgrounds and at different stages of their tech careers.

On to sadder news, it’s another election weekend so no rocks this weekend.

A million sad faces.

Oh, well. Stay safe out there, guys!




Dante’s Burrito Bowl at BBQ & Cravings

Dante’s Burrito Bowl is back for one day this weekend. If you’ve been craving a Chipotle-esque burrito bowl, this is the one.




Barbar is doing a special for the ladies tonight. Complimentary tequila shots before they run out too. Mildly related: “free” shots for ladies is lowkey problematic but that’s not a discussion for today.



The Working Girl Forum

Eparapo is hosting women to three days of interactive sessions, therapy, retail and art. Today is the last of day and it feels fitting it concludes on IWD.


That’s all from me this week. Have a good weekend!