EDL Weekender: HSE Tapas, Chef Jeff's Dinner and South Socials

We’re back from our short trip to Abuja and I’m not going to lie, coming back to Lagos was so hard. Abuja is so peaceful. If you missed Denise’s recap of the festival, read it HERE



Got too busy to update the playlist last week, but here’s your update


Tapas at HSE

For the next two months, HSE will be offering their Mexican-inspired menu on Thursdays and Fridays. If it’s up your alley, you should definitely check it out because HSE is great.

Chef Jeff at The Metaphor


South Socials

South Socials is back again this Friday, featuring sets by DJ Honeeay and DJ IMJ. Here’s the Drink Lagos review of the cocktails at South.


That’s all from me this week. Have a good weekend!