EDL Weekender: Independence Day Weekend

YAY! It’s almost a long weekend but not quite. Independence Day falls on a Tuesday this year so we sadly aren’t getting a 4 day weekend. Well, that is except you had foresight and booked the day off on Monday. There’s definitely going to be a subset of people who call in sick on Monday or are simply AWOL. In which group, do you belong?

Anyway, unlike last weekend, Lagos is ripe with activity. Here’s a long list of things to do this weekend:



New playlist for the week!

EAT: Treat yourself to pasta at La taverna

La Taverna is one of the better, if not the best, places to get pasta in Lagos. Treat yourself this long weekend, and even if your waistline regrets it, your tastebuds will never.


Pink Friday @ Atmosphere Rooftop


South Social @ South


Summer Party @ Rhodes BBQ


August Meeting @ Nok


Saturday Night Out @ Vellvett


Seafood Boil by PoshNoms


Independence Day Cook Out @ Brooklyn Bistro with Big Fish Cocktails


Only Local by El Padrino & The Burger Pop Up @ La taverna

That’s all from me this week. Have a good weekend!