EDL Weekender: Election Weekend

It’s election weekend so stay safe and vote your conscience. Here are a couple other things to do after voting.




Chef Sia is back

Sia is back in Lagos and she’s popping up this weekend. For those of you new to this, the day(s) after Valentine’s Day are the best days for a romantic dinner. For starters, it’s back to reasonably priced dinners and the traffic isn’t as bad. If you were stuck in traffic yesterday, blame the noobs.

Valentine’s Day at La Mango

Valentine’s Day at La Mango also spills a couple days. This weekend they have the following planned:

  • Friday 15th - Guest DJ Party Night

  • Saturday 16th - Surprise Saturday Night

  • Sunday 17th - Live Band

picture 4.jpg


House Music at Danfo Rooftop

If you like house music and you’re in the Ikoyi area, yeah, why not give this a shot. 


That’s all from me this week. Have a good weekend!

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