EDL Weekender: Danfo Bistro Edition

Hey guys! It’s Folly here because bad things happened to Nosa’s laptop. It’s largely his fault because he treats it like it’s a Toyota Highlander when it’s really a fragile MacBook Air. While that’s getting sorted, I guess I have to take this over.


Of course, EDL playlists are back in 2019. Here’s this weeks version curated by Nosa - not me obviously.



Suya Onion Rings @ Danfo Bistro

We’ve had to mute the tweet with the Ewa Agoyin and Agege bread because the reactions were excessive. Another menu item from our experience that we really enjoyed were the Suya Onion Rings. If you’ve ever been confused by the concept of frying onions and then eating them, it’s not just you I’m still confused too, but this is the perfect Nigerian inspired introduction into the American staple.



The real thing we wanted to talk about today was the Hennessy Shanghai that Nosa had copious amounts of at Talindo last night but since there are no pictures of the beverage to accompany this recommendation, here’s something else we found that we thought we’d share. The Metaphor is a new spot that just opened in that VI Extension area near Water Corporation and behind Zenith Bank. I haven’t been but I saw an Instagrammer describe the decor as similar to your grandfather’s house as a positive compliment so I’m really intrigued.



Yagalife facts by Yagazie Emezi at 16/16

Here’s the latest in Alte Lagos…. Yagazie is the latest artist in residence at 16/16. Her work focuses on body positivity, sexuality, and various life lessons drawn from her own life’s experiences. It opens today and from my experience there’s always something special on opening night so I wouldn’t delay.

That’s all from me this week, enjoy beloved. Here’s some unsolicited advise don’t fight on the Internet this weekend. It’s never worth it…