EDL Weekender: Cinco de Mayo Edition

It’s Cinco de Mayo weekend! Well, there should be no exclamation there because it’s not really a popping weekend in Lagos, bu hey, we’ll try our best to celebrate. And we’re celebrating in the most un-cinco way ever with Bao & Beer and some trivia at La Taverna



New playlist for the weekend…


Bao & Beer with Kewa’s Kitchen

Kewa’s Kitchen is popping up this weekend with Igbadun Brewing Co. in tow. To reserve click HERE


Cinco de Mayo with El Padrino

Cinco De Mayo with Toasties



South Social Fridays

50% off drinks at South tonight.


Brunch Out: Cinco De Mayo Edition



Maid In Nigeria

Due to Nigeria’s slack and poorly enforced labour laws, with the people often undocumented, brought in from villages and passed around distant family members, keeping track of them is near impossible. Many fall through the cracks, failed by the system and the very people tasked with looking after them.

From 4th May- 4th June, 2018 at Whitespace, Ikoyi, multidisciplinary artists, Layo Bright and Ajibola will jointly present an expository exhibition, Maid In Nigeria, devoted to starting conversations around the labour, dignity of the human person, cultural norms and practices as well as the controversy around hiring helps in Nigeria.
maid in nigeria.jpg

Trivia Night at La Taverna

Trivia Night is back. Categories this weekend are:

  1. Reality TV

  2. British Royal Family

  3. English Premier League

  4. Superheroes

  5. Brands

Saturday, October 13.png

That’s all from me this week. Have a good weekend!