EDL Weekender: It's Christmas!

Hey guys! So this is our last weekender for the year so it’s going to be a bit long-ish. 


This week’s playlist is our last playlist for the year and it’s extra long. Basically a collection of all the good stuff from the playlists this year. 


Urban Fuxion’s New Menu

The Urban Fuxion truck has been AWOL lately and it appears it was for good reason. They’re back with a second truck and an all new menu. We haven’t tried it yet, but they’ll be out and about all Christmas so it won’t hurt.

They’re also extending their delivery hours to midnight. I think Midnight City might have put them under a little pressure. 

La Taverna Christmas Party

Yeah, I knew the other one was way too early. This is the “for real” La Taverna Christmas party. 

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-18 at 11.52.03 AM.jpeg


Duh. This is self explanatory. Better get your wristbands early. We’ll have someone at Cafe One available for pickups.



Nyosi Pop-up

Nyosi makes really pretty dresses and is run by an internet friend so you should definitely stop by to do some Christmas shopping. Eat.Drink.Lagos is all about supporting the homies 



Garmspot, our official merch partner, is back with the second edition of their streetwear market - Boxfair.

Knockout Blessing

Saw this last night and it’s easily one of my favorite movies this year. I’m really not exaggerating. Dare Olaitan is really good at this film thing. Go see it when it hits cinemas on the 28th. 


After Koko Concert, I swore I’d never attend another concert in Nigeria because it’s all worthless “DJ Track 1” stuff. Promoters love selling tables like they think the stuff is a night at SIP. Anyway, Nativeland is far from the typical Nigerian concert and I think I might break my concert boycott this year. 

New Year’s at NOK


Have a great Christmas, guys!

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