EDL Weekender: Chilean Independence Day, Hard Iced Tea & A Beach Party

EAT: Chilean Cuisine & BBQ Buffet @ La Taverna

FOLLY: Fun fact, the owner of La Taverna is actually Chilean and not Italian.

NOSA: Taverna BBQs are usually fun. Chef Cristian always has a boatload of meat (good quality too) and he dumps it on a grill. 

FOLLY: I'm still waiting for him to open up that Tex-Mex restaurant he teased us with a couple weeks ago.


DRINK: Peach & Passion Fruit Iced Tea @ HSE Cafe


FOLLY: I've tried three drinks on their menu since they opened over the long weekend and this is by far my fave. Reminds me of Southern sweet tea.

NOSA: I prefer the one with Sangria in it, but I think it's because of the alcohol. I might be wrong, but I'm sure it's that.


LAGOS: Lagos is a Beaacccch 

Sandcastle Competition. Picnic. Limbo. Flip Cup. Grown Folk Games. 3 Prize Winners.

Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 7.26.36 PM.png

EMEKA (NTDIL): The dress code for the day is beach themed (Hawaiian shirts, Sandals, Sarongs) . Its not a must but it will definitely add to the fun!

Time: 7:00PM- Late
Fee: Open to all
Location: Lotus at Pattaya, 30 Adeola Hopewell, Victoria Island, Lagos