EDL Weekender: Brunch, Alté Lagos & LCA Film Festival

EAT: Brunch @ Nylahs

NOSA: I’ve seen good things about Chef Nylah in the internet so when I heard she was getting her own spot, my interest got piqued big time. She opens tomorrow so it’s our weekend to-do.

FOLLY: YAY! And I thought I didn't have any exciting weekend plans.


DRINK: Jazzhole

NOSA: Now, there isn’t anything particularly special to drink at Jazzhole. It’s your regular coffee shop fare. What’s special is the entire vibe of the place. 

FOLLY: Record store meets bookstore meets coffee shop. 

NOSA: Jazzhole is a precious little spot that feels like it doesn’t belong here. Doesn’t belong on Awolowo for sure, I know that much.

FOLLY: Yeah, as a result, they have the worst parking situation ever.

NOSA: Lagos doesn’t deserve this quaint little cafe meets bookstore, but it’s here. For that, I’m supremely grateful. 


LAGOS*: Lights Camera Africa (Music Makes the People) 

LCA 2016.png

EMEKA: Enjoy 23 Films. From 14 Countries all for Free! Can't wait to see the Lagos premiere of "Green White Green", "Gidi Blues" on Saturday & the "Amazing Nina Simone" on Sunday. 

Date: September 30, 2016 - October 2, 2016
Fee: Open to All
Festival Schedule:  http://lightscameraafrica.com/programme/
Location: Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos

* Curated by NothingToDoInLagos.com