EDL Weekender: Breakfast At La Brioche, DIY Sake Bombs At Bonzai

NOSA: You guys have no idea how much I've been waiting for Friday. Real life is such scraps. We're due another 4-day weekend. Buhari needs to give us something. I mean, there's no fuel. 

FOLLY: I would pay N145 for fuel if I could get it easily, but having to queue and still pay N145 is just cruel punishment. 

NOSA: Anyway, here are our tips for the weekend

EAT: Breakfast at La Brioche

NOSA: Our review for this spot is up tomorrow, but trust me, La Brioche is fantastic. I hate how tiny the space is, but I'll never knock how delicious their breakfast is. Especially The Monroe, one of their breakfast sandwiches. 

la brioche eat drink lagos.jpg

FOLLY: I really don't know what Nosa has on the space, I think it's darling. I also absolutely love the pink pattern on the plates. 

DRINK: DIY Sake Bombs at Bonzai

FOLLY: Last weekend, Nosa and I were out with a group of friends and the highlight of the crawl from Bottles, Rhapsody's, Arabesque and Sip was definitely making these. We didn't find Sake bombs on the menu so we constructed ours. 


NOSA: This is where all my Sake Bomb experience came in. Shout out to Northgate and College Station, TX for blessing me with this gift. The Bonzai waiters thought we were mad tbh. Bless their hearts

FOLLY: The sake comes in carafes so you have to ask for the shot glasses. 

NOSA: And you'll have to settle for Power Horse because they don't have Red Bull.