EDL Weekender: Benedict's Ravioli Party

Hey friends! Weekend is here so let’s get into it. Here’s your guide on what to eat, drink, and listen to this weekend.


This week’s playlist has a lot of AKA in it. Because he’s so daft on twitter, I never gave him a shot. The new album has some jam-a-lams on it. Enjoy!


Skirt Steak @ Z Kitchen

Last weekend, we finally gave into peer pressure (read: Instagram) and checked out Z Kitchen. We had the most amazing lunch and the absolute standout for us was the coffee-rubbed skirt steak. Add that to your weekend to-do. If you’re looking for something more “exciting”, there’s also ostrich on the menu.

Benedict’s Ravioli Party

Benedict is hosting a ravioli-themed dinner this Sunday at his house. We were at the last one and it was plenty fun. The conversations are great and the food is even better. Check out the menu below and reserve if it’s up your alley.



Classical Saturday with Noble Hill

We often talk about different sides of Lagos existing in the same Lagos and it sounds like a joke, but seriously it is a thing. This event is the perfect encapsulation of it. The Vesta Ensemble, Nigeria’s first independent chamber orchestra, are performing an intimate set this Saturday at The Moorhouse.

The Vesta Orchestra is an music ensemble made up of up to 30 musicians. We are Nigeria's first independent chamber orchestra, founded in 2017 by a group of professional musicians who saw the need to bring career and professional-hobby musicians together to play regularly and raise the quality and standard of classical music performance in Nigeria. Our repertoire is both classical and contemporary.

Now, I bet you guys didn’t know these guys existed because we for sure did not. Anyway, tickets are very limited (about 50 of them) so if you’re game, you better get in.

Classical Saturday 1.jpg

Have a great weekend, guys!