EDL Weekender: Join Us At The #AWCAblockparty

Before we get into anything, we have some good news for you all. #EatDrinkFestival is back in December. IJGBs, you can begin booking your tickets. In the coming weeks, we'll be dropping more deets.

Anyway, to the business of the day.

Jameson Logo_Drink_Block Party Flyer-01-01.jpg

The cool guys at A Whitespace Creative Agency (AWCA) are having a street party this weekend and we're happy to have collaborated with them to curate the food section. Nothing To Do In Lagos will also be there will the chill zone. In their words, 

The whole street is going to be shut down for the block party! We’ll be there with the NTDIL Chill Zone, and can’t wait to enjoy the day with you. There will bea Set of Dj’s, yoga, games, and much more! It’s going to be an amazing day in Lagos Island. After the block party, we’ll be taking the party from the streets to the rooftop of City Hall. Join Us!
Program-01 (1).jpg

So, if you haven't made plans for Sunday yet, Broad street is where you need to be!